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Caesars Entertainment, Margaritaville & The Travel Corporation Join Forces on Ground-Breaking Personalization Webinar

Posted July 28, 2019

The most senior executives from travel’s most unique hotel, resort, tour operator and OTA brands will kick off a webinar on the most innovative revenue, marketing and CX approaches to personalization to win the customer’s loyalty.

Image credit: EyeforTravel

The leaders joining the table are:

  • Dan Christian, Global Chief Digital Officer, The Travel Corporation
  • Michael Marino, Chief Experience Officer, SVP Marketing, Caesars Entertainment
  • Claudia Infante, Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Margaritaville

In an age where loyalty is dwindling and the nimble, tech-driven brands enjoy the highest profits, personalization-oriented travel is the way to win back your customer’s heart, the direct booking and optimized revenues. The tools are now available to realize this goal, and in the webinar, panelists will disclose the tools and strategies that will see you excel.

Critical themes covered will include:

  • How personalized creatives and a system of incentives will keep your customer loyal and booking direct
  • How personalization can be used in your cross-selling strategy to unlock huge wealth for your business
  • How to crack data relevance and robust machine learning to build an amazing recommendation engine and reap profits along the entire customer journey

The panelists come from backgrounds where the art of personalization has been developed in multiple areas, from social media and UGC to getting smart with anonymous customers through individualized copy based on pattern recognition. The webinar will be case study led, exploring how these initiatives can be implemented in your own business.

Whether you’re in revenue management, digital marketing, CX or distribution, it’s critical to ride the personalization wave to stay relevant and to remain competitive. With discretionary spending on travel at an all time high, the investment is now here to fuel personalization and loyalty – sign up here to take advantage of the webinar or receive the full recordings.

Source: EyeforTravel

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