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This is How to Get Chatbot Testing Right in the First Go

Posted July 22, 2019

In the current digital era, even computers can be termed as intelligent, for they hold the power to communicate with the users on behalf of a human. Artificial Intelligence is ruling the world like never before. This is where comes in the grace of chatbots!

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Deploying chatbots is the next marketing trend, and businesses have been investing profusely in this promising technology.

According to research, chatbots instigate about 3 times more engagement compared to emails. This in itself shows how the adaption of chatbots is the need of the hour.

While a lot of businesses are incorporating chatbots, not everyone is doing a great job when it comes to its accuracy. Do you know what can be done differently to not make your business fall in the trap of failed experiments?

Here’s the answer: Chatbot Usability Testing. It is a prerequisite that will measure the success of your artificial intelligent system.

Here’s what components you need to test:

1. The Greeting Process

People love affection and welcoming gestures. It makes them feel comfortable and, in turn, helps a business connect with the users on the right note.

This is why; you need to make sure your chatbot system gets into the action as soon as the user enters your website/application.

In simple words, the chatbot should greet the users with a welcome message. According to a study, welcome messages lead to 267% more conversions.”

It is a developer’s responsibility to “code in” a greeting & a welcoming message

Testing tips:

  • The message is short
  • The message is welcoming
  • The message pops up instantly
  • The message promotes CTA

2. A Simple & Interactive Generic Template

A generic template is a simple structured message that includes three pre-set “user-understandable” clickable options. Each of the buttons should be linked to appropriate pages.

These generic buttons should include simple and engaging text. The user should be able to decipher what a particular button would lead them to.

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Also, the design of the generic template should reflect consistency across various online channels.

You could also design carousels for generic templates. Facebook’s Messenger platform already supports it.

Testing tips:

  • The template includes a title & subtitle
  • Template include up to three clickable buttons
  • The button’s “text” is simple to understand
  • The buttons are linked to appropriate pages
  • Cross check the template accuracy across channels

3. Text Length Should be Appropriate

The text messages on Chatbots should be precise and to-the-point. The idea is to not let users contemplate for long before taking an action.

The user action ought to take place within seconds, which makes including short messages a priority.

The ideal length of the message should imitate the ideal length of a Twitter post, i.e., 100 characters.

Image credit: Gobot

But, when there is a need for a detailed answer like listing out the set of policies, do not restrict from exceeding the word limit.

Testing tips:

  • Verify that the text is intuitive
  • Make sure the text length follows set standards
  • Make sure there is no broken or complicated text

4. Feedback is as Essential as you Think

Whenever a user is about to end a conversation with the chatbot, the feedback option should follow.

It is a simple method to understand whether the users enjoyed the experience. Moreover, it is a better idea than including the long surveys that users try to avoid.

Make sure the chatbot has a feedback-based question with corresponding clickable options.

If you have added a question something like, “Are you satisfied with the resolution”, these options could follow:

“Somewhat satisfied, ”Satisfied”, ”Dissatisfied, “Very Satisfied.” Or, something like this:

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Testing tips:

  • Check if the question pops up in time
  • The context of the question is understandable
  • The options work well
  • A “Thank you” message pops up on selecting an answer

5. The Bot Does Exactly What it is Built for

If the chatbot behaves similar to a human executive and can showcase “intelligence skills,” bingo! You have done a great job.

You can take examples from the world’s successful ten bots that are changing the world for good.

This part of the puzzle gets solved when your chatbot maneuvers a user through a series of steps to finally get them what they want.

If it is an e-commerce website, the user should have a hassle-free experience right from “selecting a category to placing the order.”

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Testing tips:

  • Test the chatbot by throwing random questions at it
  • Leave the chat and go back to see whether the system remembers you
  • Make a transaction to verify the ease of navigation

A Tested & Verified Chatbot Equals to Perfection!

These are the top five components of a Chatbot that needs to be tested before the final system is rolled out. There is no room for mistakes in this highly competitive business world.

Make sure your bot stands out and sets an example for others to follow. In the end, it is always about the user experience, so make sure it is worth the hype!

Author Bio:

Paige Griffin is a seasoned Content Writer at Net Solutions, Los Angeles with an expertise in blogging and creative writing. Born and brought up in New York, Paige holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She has worked for industries like IT, Product design and development, Lifestyle, among others, including technological topics related to Python, PHP, and Swift app development.  Besides her technical background, she is a poet by heart, who loves to connect with people through a dose of creativity and imagination.

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