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The Rise of IoT and Smart Fleet Management – Still Needs a Long Way to Go Ahead

Posted July 11, 2019

Smart Fleet Management Market: Why Do we Need These Hi-tech Services

Fleet management is an integral part of automotive and automobile systems and requires extensive logistics and maintenance as its prime components. And fleet management often plays a crucial part in transportation services. But why is it so important for industries to make use of smart fleet management systems? Here’s why –

– Effective operations in different industrial environments

– Overall high productivity and efficiency

– Improvement in vehicle dispatch on coordination processes

– Enhanced resolution of lost-and-found, stolen, and missing cargo and other items

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How the Want for 100% Efficiency Changed the Entire Game of Transportation

The advent of IoT and automation gave birth to the concept of utilizing ‘smart’ processes in a different sectors. While we now have smart phones, smart TVs, and other computing and recreational technologies, the philosophy of smart devices has also extended onto industrial and heavy-work domains. Smart fleets operations is one such area where automobile-based work especially with respect to transportation is managed with the new technological aids. Thus, the global smart fleet management market is majorly driven by the various systemic benefits offered by the technology.

A major problem that persists in today’s transportation-based services is the ability to provide necessary goods and products on time or maybe before too. Be it the age of ‘instantaneous requirements’ or meeting the humungous demand in most commodities, time-management is highly essential.

Keeping this in mind, the turn of the century saw several companies work towards building up systems for not only automating vehicular management but also streamline the race between demand and supply. This ultimately gave rise to the smart fleet management market processes, which further received a boost in its expansion with surging demand for commodities and price hikes.

What Your Business Needs – Smart Fleet Management Could Provide It All

Businesses in the transportation sector are not just interested in meeting the standards of effective vehicle monitoring. Rather, unless safety standards are properly met, the any kind of IoT based fleet management operating on smart technologies won’t stand valid. Thus, most players in the smart fleet management market have now integrated safety systems in their services provided to businesses.

For example, Avnet a leading company in the smart fleet management market provides safety features such as roadside and emergency assistance, driver identification and tracking, and hard-braking monitoring activities.

Governments and private organizations have passed out several acts and initiatives in different regions to strengthen the safety procedures used in transportation based processes. A key case significant to this involves the April 2008 Corporate Manslaughter Act in the UK, which basically provided a huge impetus to adhering to safety standards whenever a vehicle as being used from a business-based perspective.

Where is the Smart Fleet Management Market Headed Towards?

In spite of innumerable advancements, the market continues to face inevitable challenges, mainly in the form of costs machine breakdown incidents. However, in the near future, once IoT and automation gain a full-fledged control over most automotive based processes, a high chance exists to reduce such restraints affecting the smart fleet management market. What businesses need to take out from this is to strive towards improving safety standards and justifiably embrace new technologies when they are released in the market.

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