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5 Quick Ways to Speed up Your Windows Performance

Posted July 11, 2019

If you want to speed up your Windows performance, then you can use these 5 tips to quickly fix your PC’s performance.

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Are you tired of your PC’s slow speed? If yes, then you don’t have to worry anymore as you can easily speed up your Windows performance by adopting a few quick methods. In this post, we are going to discuss the fantastic five methods that will quickly fasten up the performance of your Windows computer.

1. Tweak with your Power Settings

If you are using the latest Windows 10 or older versions, then you can change your power settings plan and improve the performance easily. That’s because PC automatically set power saver mode to preserve the energy which eventually results in low performance. So, you can change your power saver mode to high or balanced power mode to enjoy the fast performance.

To change the power settings, you have to open Control Panel, then select Hardware and Sound > Power Options. Here, you will see basically two options depending on your PC model – Power Saver and Balanced. To set the high performance, you have to click the down arrow by Show additional plans.

2. Shut off Programs Running in the Background

One of the biggest reasons behind the slow performing PC is the programs running in the background. The programs which you rarely use keep on running in the background and consumes the power of your PC. To shut down unnecessary programs, you should launch Task Manager by pressing Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc keys or you can press the right click on the screen and select Task Manager option from the pop-up menu.

Open Task Manager in the full tabbed glory by pressing on More Details option. Here, you can perform multiple functions, but in this case, you should open the Startup tab. This tab will show you all the programs which start automatically when you start your PC. The programs which aren’t useful, you can disable them to speed up your Windows performance.

3. Stop OneDrive from Synching

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud-based program which keeps on updating your files automatically on Windows 10. It is a nice feature as you can easily retrieve your files from the cloud-based backup. But, this constant update of your files on the cloud-based program can slow down the overall performance of your PC. This constant uploading can make your PC run slower than the original speed.

However, before you go and disable the automatic cloud syncing feature, you have to make sure that a reason behind the slow performance of your Windows is OneDrive. To do so you should pause syncing for some time like 8 hours or 24 hours and if you find your PC performing better, then you can permanently off cloud backup. You can disable it by Setting > Account and click “Unlink this PC,” and then from the screen that appears, click “Unlink account”.

4. Clean your Hard Drive

If your PC’s hard drive is loaded with the unwanted files, then this could be one reason behind the low performance of your computer system. That’s why you should try to clean junk files from your computer for which you can use different apps from Microsoft App Store. However, Windows 10 has given a very nice option to speed up your Windows performance with an inbuilt feature called Storage Sense. To activate this feature click Settings > System > Storage and in the Storage screen, you will see toggle on the top which you have to turn on. And, this way Windows will automatically delete the old files that you haven’t used in days.

You can easily customize the Storage Sense feature and adjust how many times should it delete your files, how much free space should be maintained, etc., You can also delete the older version of Windows with the help of Storage Sense which has been burdening your PC.  Here, you must note that once you deleted older version of Windows, then you won’t be ever able to retrieve it.

5. Use Windows Troubleshooter

Windows is packed with numerous unknown features which aren’t yet discovered by people. One of the hidden features of Windows 10 is Windows Troubleshooter which will automatically sniff the performance barriers in your computer and find a solution for you to speed up the performance of your Windows. You can activate this feature – Control Panel and select System and Security > Security and Maintenance > Troubleshooting > Run maintenance tasks. After performing these sequences of action, you will see this message on your screen “Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems”, here you have to click on Next.

Troubleshooter is trained to detect the files and shortcuts which have never been used or files which are reducing the performance of your Windows. It will also provide you with a list of solutions to fix the problem of low quality. If you have an administrative right for the PC, then you can very easily use the troubleshooter and make the computer performance efficient.


These are just a few tips to speed up your Windows performance which you can try immediately. After using these methods, you can easily make your PC run faster than before. And, if these tips turn out helpful for you, then do click on Like button and also share your views on the comments.

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