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The rising popularity of eco-friendly marketing materials

Posted June 26, 2019

All consumers and businesses are becoming more and more aware of the need to incorporate eco-friendly approaches into all manner of daily shopping and business operation. Marketing is a necessary effort for all businesses who want to promote themselves in the marketplace, but the rise of “eco-friendly” marketing has been consistent – and it’s easy to see why those ecologically friendly approaches have taken hold.

A provider of specialist marketing tools, such as, has a number of eco-friendly marketing materials available for businesses looking to make a positive environmental impact.

Image credit: Rawpixel via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Image credit: Rawpixel via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

The benefit of going greener

The prime reason all businesses should encourage more use of ecologically friendly materials in all ways, not just marketing, is obvious – it helps the environment. With a consistent rise in plastic pollution, fly-tipping, waste management issues, and toxic emissions it really is a case of “every little helps”.

A business that takes the necessary steps to improve the ecological friendliness of everything it does is always going to be able to better market itself and enjoy a positive boost to brand image. The environment is a highly important issue in all manner of ways, and customers will notice a business that makes a clear effort to improve the responsibility with which they market themselves.

It applies to everything, however, not just marketing – shipping and packaging materials, daily business operation, and more, all stand to offer key benefits in terms of being more environmentally responsible.

What can you use for greener marketing?

It’s all very well to understand the benefits of being friendlier to the environment – that’s not the hard part. The difficult part comes when you try and consider the best ways to become more environmentally responsible, without sacrificing the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. You want to create a positive message, but ultimately the goal is to promote your business.

There are, fortunately, many marketing materials out there which serve to boost your business’ green credentials. There are specific environmentally friendly papers, cards, and woods which you can choose to have certain marketing materials printed on – for example, when you have flyers or business cards printed.

One of the most effective ways to enhance your business’ marketing credentials is to re-consider what you use to advertise. Many people jump to the materials the products are made from, which are of course important, but they forget the concept of usability.

It’s a highly environmentally conscious move to provide customers with marketing materials that they can actually use for something practical, and keep for a long time. Think, for example, about bags, rucksacks, clothing, and caps. These are all practical garments and items, which serve a stronger purpose than the simple marketing message before being thrown away.

Even something like the humble mug – it might not seem it at first, but when you consider a mug is going to be used again and again, consistently displaying your business branding, it becomes clear to see what an effective and environmentally friendly marketing tool it can be.

The importance of positive attention

All businesses want to increase their brand visibility, but it’s not enough just to get the name of your business into the attention of as many people as possible. It’s also essential that your business name carries with it a positive message, if you’re going to encourage the best possible growth of your brand identity.

Dropping flyers, wasteful single use plastics, and excessive packaging are all examples of things which might technically draw attention to your business – but a negative form of attention that will not encourage business growth.

Thinking a little harder about the marketing materials you choose and deciding to use more environmentally friendly methods will have a powerful impact. You’re showing customers that you’re responsible and that you have a personal set of ethics as a brand – customers often extrapolate this to extend to a larger degree of care and attention to customer requirements.

It’s always important to be open and honest about your business’ drive towards being more environmentally friend. If you’re making the effort to improve the way you market your business or operate day to day, don’t be shy about telling your customers. If you have green goals, share them and track your progress so your customers can feel a part of the journey.

It may sound simple, but making the transition to focus on more practical and environmentally friendly marketing materials can have a considerably powerful impact on your brand’s image, in a very positive way. Eco-friendly marketing materials are usually a little more expensive than “single use” or more wasteful methods, but the returns on that initial investment are considerable.

Make a start today

It’s never too late to improve your business’ marketing program by incorporating more environmentally friendly materials. Start by browsing Helloprint today for more inspiration.

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