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Eco-Friendly Features Becoming More Prevalent in Apartment Communities

Posted June 24, 2019

When it comes to making an impact and going green, one person can create substantial change, especially over the long-term. Encouraging an entire apartment community to live eco-friendly can make a green world of difference. Today, more and more apartment communities are providing world-saving features and technologies that benefit the environment and their residents. Let’s explore what features are utilized and how they’re effective.

A photovoltaic (solar) panel is being installed on a roof. Image credit: U.S. Air Force/Roland Balik (Public Domain)

A photovoltaic (solar) panel is being installed on a roof. Image credit: U.S. Air Force/Roland Balik (Public Domain)

Solar Panels

While there was a time that solar panels were too expensive or even considered a fad, advances in technology have made them widely available and affordable. Many cities, states, and even the federal government offer rebates for businesses that use solar panels. Plus, this green investment will pay for itself over time.

Utilizing Energy Efficient Appliances

Clunky, energy-consuming appliances are not only unappealing to tenants (especially those paying for utilities), they’re bad for the environment. By upgrading your appliances, you and your residents can save money on electricity and water costs while simultaneously saving the environment—that’s a win-win. Energy Star certified appliances are usually the products with the most functionality and appeal.

Make Recycling Easy

The best way to make a substantial change in the environment is by taking advantage of the services already offered to us by our communities. Unfortunately, not all modern apartments make recycling easily accessible or convenient.

To include a recycling program in your community, make sure properly labeled recycling bins are available for every resident. They should be near garbage containers and social areas. You can remind tenants about the availability and location of the recycling containers through blog posts, e-mails, or community newsletters.

Use Water Efficiently

A few simple changes to your hardware and facilities can drain your water usage to an environmentally-friendly level. Low-flow bathtub and sink faucets, toilets, and showerheads can decrease water use per resident by as much as 50%. If you provide washers, make sure they’re rated for low water consumption.

Encourage Alternative Transportation

If your apartment community wants to limit automotive waste and pollution, there are a few surefire ways to do it. Providing bike rentals and bike storage will encourage residents to bike to work or school, especially if it’s within a reasonable distance. Electronic charging stations for electric cars will also encourage eco-friendly individuals to take up residency at your community. In addition, walking paths are a great option for conveniently getting from one place to the other, especially in a city with a high walkability score.

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