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How mobile apps can prevent security breaches? (Infographic)

Posted June 18, 2019

Mobile devices have become increasingly attractive targets for hackers looking to exploit the sensitive personal information they store. This shouldn’t come as a surprise either, given the sheer amount of time and information we all put into our personal and organizational devices. So, whether your organization develops mobile apps or is simply full of mobile end users, how secure are the apps on your network?

Image credit: CleverTap

Chances are you’re not totally secure, with 1 in every 36 mobile devices being compromised in some way by a mobile security threat. From gaining access to microphones, cameras, and GPS data to building convincing clones of other apps with the intent to trick users into downloading malware — hackers are constantly after valuable mobile app data, and they have a lot of sneaky strategies to help them get it.

A couple of these strategies that hackers use to exploit weaknesses are:

– Reverse engineering- reverse engineering allows hackers to build a hostile copy of your app by revealing how an app works in the back-end, exposing encryption algorithms, and giving access to edit source code, and more.

– Malicious code injection- a hacker can use your login forms or comment forms within your app against you by injecting a line of JavaScript code into a section that doesn’t guard against colons or equal signs, especially if they don’t have a character limit.

– Lack of multifactor authentication- an additional layer of authentication, for example the answer to a personal question, an SMS confirmation code to input, or biometric authentication (fingerprint, retina, etc.), greatly reduces the risk that a hacker can gain access to your app through a user’s weak password.

Some of the easiest apps to mimic are those in the tools and lifestyle categories, which people often rely on for managing their day-to-day work/life balance. In 2018, these accounted for 54% of all malicious mobile apps.

Users may not even be aware of the sheer amount of sensitive personal data that is constantly shared with mobile apps. The best way to defend your app and your users against a potential mobile security breach is to prepare for one ahead of time. Check out this infographic from CleverTap for some more tips on how to defend against mobile app hackers.

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