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How to Choose Instagram Bot?

Posted June 17, 2019

Would you like to promote your Instagram account fast and simple? One of possible ways is to use an Instagram Bot. In this article, you will learn the basic features of Instagram bots and also how to choose the effective one.

A robot. Image credit: Alex Knight via Unsplash (Unsplash licence)

A robot. Image credit: Alex Knight via Unsplash (Unsplash licence)

Instagram Bot – what is it?

Instagram Bot is a program that performs some human actions on Instagram. They are acting on behalf of you, effectively attracting new followers and helping to promote an Instagram account.

Is it useful?

There exist many reasons why you can use Instagram Bot. The main one is that Instagram Bot does the most tiring work that takes much time and effort and does it effectively, so you can spend your time on more important things.

The primary role of Instagram Bot is to communicate and interact with your followers and attract new ones. A good Instagram Bot can attract much more people than you could do manually.

How can a bot interact with followers? Very simple. It puts likes on their photos and comments, send your comments on their posts and DMs. It attracts new followers. How? A bot analyses your hashtags, usernames, and location features and starts to interact with the audience by putting likes, following accounts, and commenting on photos. It increases user’s interest, who soon can potentially become your followers and buyers of your products if you are a company.

Pluses of Instagram Bot

– It can reduce the costs for a promo campaign. Such bot can do most of the work replacing social media managers. The bot can automatically distribute messages with offers and announcements and attract new clients.

– It covers a significant number of users. Manually it takes a lot of time to send invitations, answer the standard comments, and writing comments.

– It provides fast results. You get new followers and likes in a couple of seconds.

– Hashtags generator. You can find the most suitable tags in a couple of seconds just using the software tool. It generates tags by a photo, keyword and URLs. Save your time and enhance the quality of promotion using this functionality.

Image credit: Ingrammer

Image credit: Ingrammer

How to choose the suitable Instagram Bot

Nowadays, you can find lots of Instagram bots. Not all of them provide effective services for the promotion of an Instagram account. How to choose the best? Ask yourself several questions so that to understand what Bot will be suitable for you.

–    What services of Bot do you need?

At first, decide why you need an Instagram Bot, which features it should possess. Nowadays there are lots of bots, so it is easy to find a necessary one.

–    Does it follow Instagram rules?

You should make sure that a bot follows the rules of Instagram so that no official Instagram rules are breached. Some bots promise a significant number of new likes and followers without taking into consideration all IG limits. If you break them, your account will be banned.

–    Do you agree to spend money on it?

Every Instagram Bot has its tariffs so you can choose the one easy to the pocket. Also, there are Instagram Bots where you do not have to pay for the Bot; instead, you have to do many things manually in order to perform specific tasks. Decide what is better: to spend money or to do the tasks and spent time on it.

And some useful advice:

1. Choose Instagram Bot with customization options

You will be able to choose parameters that are necessary for you at this moment. You can decide whether you want auto-liking, auto-commenting or auto-following.

2. Read reviews

Surely, this is an excellent way to choose something and to learn its drawbacks and advantages is to observe reviews. But it is necessary to distinguish false reviews from truthful.

3. Choose Instagram bot with a simple interface

A user-friendly interface makes your usage more comfortable and more pleasant. Moreover, the simple interface shows that there are no hidden tricks. It’s great when you can manage the promotion intuitively.

4. Get a free trial

Having chosen the Instagram Bot try a free-trial period. Many Instagram Bots have a free trial, so you can quickly determine whether it is useful or not. It will help you to decide whether the Bot is worth the paid money.

It goes without saying that Instagram Bot saves your time, that is important. It can do much work instead of you. But you should remember: the promotion of Instagram account depends mostly on you. To achieve success, you are to create exciting and useful content, download photos drawing attention, choose the rights hashtags, and use the Instagram bot in the right way, just as additional time-saving tool. In this way, you will achieve success.


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