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Caring for your butt is a big job – Ford’s seats go through 100 in-lab tests

Posted June 15, 2019

Everyone loves roadtripping and summer is a perfect time for that. However, along bathroom stops, unexpected traffic and unenthusiastic partners there is one big negative of a roadtrip – pain in the butt. Literally. Long periods of sitting in a relatively small car seat results in unpleasant sensations in the butt area. However, car manufacturers are there to help you out – Ford’s Dr. Derriere ensures that new seats are comfortable regardless of how long you’re stuck in them.

Ford’s seats are slim, but supportive and comfortable. Image credit: Ford

Humans are not made for long periods of sitting. That’s just the nature of things. We are designed to be active throughout the day, sleep throughout the night and only stop for occasional minutes of sitting. Sitting for long periods of time you are tiring your muscles, you are restricting the blood flow and you are rubbing your skin. It is just bound to be uncomfortable. Less so if your seat is well-designed as the one in the new 2020 Ford Explorer should be.

Ford says that shape and softness determine if the seat is going to be comfortable. Generally this would mean adding more padding, but it would make cars more heavy, which is, of course, not ideal. Instead the new Ford’s seat is slimmer, allowing for more room in the cabin. The new Explorer has three rows of seats.

V-shaped design, found in Ford’s seats, provides torso support for a wider range of body types and sizes. Front seats are adjustable in many ways and can be ventilated as well as heated. Go for more posh options and you may even get a massage function. Rear seats are the same story, but they are also sculpted to allow for easier ingress. Interestingly, all Ford’s seats are based on the same architecture. Mustang’s seats may look completely different than Explorer’s, but structure-vise they are almost identical. Of course, Mustang’s seats are aimed at providing more support as it is a sports car.

All Ford’s seats are put through extensive tests, which include an exhaustive series of more than 100 in-lab tests. Engineers are measuring softness and hardness distribution, durability and support. And all this work to ensure that your butt at the end of the trip would feel like new. Mike Kolich, Ford’s “Dr. Derriere”, said: “Road trips can be largely defined by how comfortable people are – and when you get down to it, how comfortable our seats allow them to be”.

Roadtrips don’t have to be comfortable – they have to be adventurous. You don’t need a new car. Just gather your friends and go.


Source: Ford

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