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Three Technologies That Have Transformed Human Efficiency

Posted June 14, 2019

Technology features in most people’s daily lives – in fact, it’s hard to imagine a world without it. However, it’s only begun to really shape society over the last few decades.

Certain inventions have transformed how we work, organise and interact with one another, simplifying once tricky tasks hugely. In particular, they’ve influenced how businesses perform.

A laptop computer. Image credit: Rawpixel via Pexels (Pexels licence)

A laptop computer. Image credit: Rawpixel via Pexels (Pexels licence)

Let’s explore the devices that have boosted efficiency for individuals and companies the most.

1. Automated Machines

Automated machines may sound like an item of the future, but actually they’ve been around for several years. A classic example is the washing machine.

Though owners are required to fill and empty its drum between washes, once its controls have been set, it’s able to operate itself, without human interference.

Unsurprisingly, after being introduced into mainstream society, they quickly revolutionised the basic duty of clothes washing. Before, people typically spent two-three hours handwashing clothes, a chore that ate into their spare, non-working time, considerably.

But thanks to automated machines, this soon became a thing of the past for many. And consequently, Brits found that they had more time to spend on other duties and projects.

The washing machine also completely changed the hospitality and care industries. Industrial machines, after all, enable hotels and care homes to clean large amounts of laundry swiftly.

As a result, these companies can consistently guarantee a high-quality service to customers, which in turn helps to them sustain a healthy profit.

Evidently, our personal and professional lives would be very different without automated machines.

2. Personal Computers

Before it became popular, the computer took decades to perfect. It wasn’t until the late 1970s that affordable PCs were introduced – and even then, few British families owned them.

A Statista survey from 1985 reported that only 13 per cent of UK households claimed to own this device. Since then, this number has risen to 88 per cent of homes.

Of course, the majority of businesses rely on computers – in some form – to run operations smoothly. Computers are especially prevalent in offices, as they’re designed to simplify critical tasks like auditing, money management and content production.

Built for efficiency, they enable users to complete duties quickly and efficiently, saving them both time and effort.

As this tech advances, it will likely help improve human efficiency in vital projects – both at home and in the workplace – even further.

3. The Internet

Arguably the most significant invention of the 20th century, the internet connects us all on a level that would have once seemed impossible.

However, it’s a relatively recent technology, as it was first built in 1989. Its creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, originally wanted to introduce a new means for scientists to share the data gathered from experiments.

In other words, it was designed to connect different documents directly to one another. He formed three technologies – HTML, URL and HTTP – to make this doable, all of which are still used today.

And now, almost all public and private organisations in the UK utilise it. Many firms, for example, promote their brand online through social media and other platforms.

Likewise, scores of companies use it for internal communication, so that staff can speak with each other from various locations.

Because of the internet, “office work” is no longer confined to offices; and employees can promote a company from practically anywhere.

Technology is a powerful tool – one which connects, empowers and helps people in numerous ways. How will these popular inventions advance? And more importantly, how will it improve our personal and work lives? This is an exciting time for all tech owners.

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