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How Automation Can Benefit a Business

Posted June 14, 2019

Automation may sound futuristic, but it simply describes technology that requires little or no human assistance. It’s actually existed for several years; a washing machine could arguably be described as automatic, for example.

Over the last decade, automated tech has advanced hugely, and is helping people in a variety of ways. It’s also enabling businesses to improve and grow across industries. Often, it can guarantee better efficiency than a workforce.

Automation control cabinet. Image credit: Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain

Automation control cabinet. Image credit: Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain

Here, we explore in what situations this occurs – and why.

Speech Recognition

A company typically relies on trained staff to promote its brand to potential investors. A lot of the time, the emotional appeal of direct conversation means that over-the-phone or in-person sales tactics yield positive results.

Automation, therefore, is unlikely to enter this aspect of marketing – but it can play a helpful role in it. Already, businesses are using automated tech to track and monitor phone calls. Machines, for example, can analyse and identify key phrases and selling points from a conversation.

From this, companies are able to apply the latter to their business model; in turn, they stand to increase rates of profit and ROI. Effective call tracking from companies such as Mediahawk can also provide complete insight into the efficacy of specific marketing campaigns, such as PPC.

Firms that invest in this form of automation could boost sales conversions across all marketing campaigns.

Self-Service Checkouts

Self-checkouts are nothing new – these automated machines have been a fixture in most UK supermarkets and large stores since 2013.

Though their introduction to outlets was widely regarded as a move to boost convenience and, in turn, customer appeal, they’ve helped brands to reap various rewards.

In particular, they enable retailers – namely supermarkets – to reduce spending. This is mainly through lowering employment costs, as self-service machines typically require less maintenance than manned tills. Whereas the latter demands at least one member of staff to operate it, it generally takes just two members of staff to monitor a self-service checkout.

And it isn’t just large outlets that stand to heighten profit. So long as they have the financial means to do so, SMEs and Start-ups can easily benefit from this investment.

This is just one way in which automation is already helping businesses to thrive.

Factory Work

Automated machinery is playing an increasingly significant role in production and factory work. And once again, it’s unsurprising as to why; their advantages for businesses tend to be two-fold.

On one hand, firms that invest in them have fewer staff salaries to cover, as machinery can replace a number of skilled workers. In addition, it increases efficiency, as AI is programmed to deliver high quality results.

Though most staff will likely work diligently, they’re still subject to making mistakes in their work. Automated machinery, however, usually doesn’t carry the risk of human error.

While workers can cause damage and repair costs for companies, AI is less likely to, which amplifies the benefits of business automated investment.

Automation can be hugely advantageous for a company within almost any industry. This is an exciting time when it comes to both technology and business.

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