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Most Desired Tech in New Luxury Apartment Communities

Posted June 13, 2019

With the continued evolution of technology, it is no mystery that smart home devices are now must haves. Those same wants and needs are becoming no different for renters when looking for a new luxury apartment. With smart devices that can assist with safety, more efficient home costs, and the ultimate convenience, who wouldn’t want to fill the home with them? We’ve compiled a list of the tech that renters have at the top or their priority lists.

Luxury apartment buildings. Image credit: SleepyCats via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Luxury apartment buildings. Image credit: SleepyCats via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Smart VPA

While most already have a Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA), it is the #1 most desired tech for renters when searching for a new luxury apartment. Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are the most common household names for VPA’s, and for good reason. They are two of the most powerful smart devices you can have in your home. They can serve as a central hub for all your smart home devices.

Smart Video Monitoring

With safety being a top priority for most renters, offering smart video monitoring is a great way to attract new renters. From being able to watch your apartment remotely to having the peace of mind while your home or away, smart video monitoring is a safe bet to appeal to the masses.

Smart Lighting

Using smart lighting to set presets allows apartment dwellers to use them as alarms and ensure that all lights are off at a designated time. Not only does this allow for the ultimate convenience, it can also quickly reduce energy expenditure. As a result, smart lighting can help save money month after month, which is always a great selling point for those searching for a new luxury apartment.

Smart Thermostat

When thinking of energy savings, a smart thermostat is top of mind. Not only can smart thermostats save a significant amount of money, they can help with an entire daily routine. From raising temperatures right before waking up to ensure a great start to the morning. On the other hand, lowering the temperature right before going to bed can help with falling asleep faster and sleeping better. Because of the convenience and cost efficiencies, smart thermostats are a great selling feature for those looking for a new luxury apartment.

Smart Door Locks

When searching for a new apartment, safety is almost always the #1 factor for searchers. Because of this, luxury apartments that offer smart door locks have a big advantage. Smart door locks allow for peace of mind while home or away that the doors are locked, and everything is secure. This is especially useful in the moments when you just aren’t sure if you remembered to lock up or not. Being able to grab a smart phone and verify that your home, pets, and all your belongings are safe is convenient and provides the utmost peace of mind.

Apartment shopping can be stressful for the potential renter and is extremely competitive for apartment complexes. Adding smart home features to luxury apartments adds a whole new level of benefits to the renter. The convenience, energy savings, and safety features of a smart apartment is a win-win scenario.

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