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The Technology Behind Car Hacking (Infographic)

Posted June 10, 2019

As technology advances, companies start to implement innovative features in their products. One product that many consumers see technology transform is cars. Keyless entry and entertainment systems are two features consumers are commonly aware of. Although these features are exciting for many, hackers are manipulating these features to gain entry to vehicles.

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One car hacking technique is controlling keyless entry remotes. These remotes use wireless and radio signals which make them easy to hack. With the help of devices that transmit electronic signals through walls, hackers can trick a car into believing the key fob is nearby. This illustration isn’t common, but possible.

Keyless entry remote hacking can be prevented by placing your key fob in a radiofrequency-shielding bag. This can stop hackers from tapping into your key fob’s wireless signal. Plus, they can be purchased for ten dollars at retailers like Walmart.

A second car hacking technique is manipulating an entertainment system. These systems are hacked through their cellular connections. Esurance mentions when hackers are aware of the IP address, they can control anything from the entertainment system to the breaks. This is why it’s important your car has the proper safety features.

A best practice for preventing entertainment system hacking is updating the software regularly. This lessens the amount of software vulnerabilities your car possesses. Furthermore, it can be wise to purchase cars from General Motors and Tesla. Both of these companies are known for rewarding white hat hackers that identify weak spots. We’re not saying go buy a new car, but these situations are important to consider when car shopping.

The good news: automobile hacking is not common today. However, it’s necessary to be aware of these facts. These situations can become disastrous for you and your car. More information on car hacking techniques and tips to say safe can be found in the animated infographic below.

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