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How Can Quizzes Help Your Business?

Posted June 10, 2019

In the field of business, there are many ways for you to perform an effective marketing strategy. One of the most effective marketing strategies is in the form of online quizzes or surveys asking clients to submit their feedback regarding their satisfaction with your business. Potential clients take feedback and recommendation seriously, even making it as one of their deciding factors when choosing among various companies to purchase products and services from. Hence, creating quizzes for your business isn’t something that you should miss out on.

Quiz. Image credit: Josethestoryteller via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Quiz. Image credit: Josethestoryteller via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

That said, here are some of the other benefits that your business can gain from posting quizzes:

1. It Can Help Generate Leads For Your Business

Did you know that every person who answers the quizzes you made can potentially be converted into a paying client? These individuals are your leads. How can they be converted? Depending on the answers they provided on the quiz, you can strategically insert product recommendations for them to try out. Chances are, the products that you provided as recommendations may have just been the answers that they were also looking for. In addition, if the quiz takers haven’t heard of your products, you now have the chance to introduce it to them.

If you have been having difficulties with generating leads for your business, you can try posting quizzes as your new strategy and see how it can drive more leads for you. If you think it’s too technical and difficult, there are numerous sites, such as Typeform, that help create and generate these quizzes as easy as 1-2-3.

2. It Can Help You Generate A Contacts List

In relation to the first point of generating leads who can become potential customers, quizzes can also help you generate a contacts list. You can do this by asking the quiz takers to enter their email address first, or their Facebook name, before they can take the quiz. Just be transparent, though, about what you are going to use this information for, such as including a disclosure statement that this is to keep you in the loop of the latest quizzes, or offers on products and services. When you have these email addresses, you can use it to generate a contacts list.

How important is this contacts list? It forms the foundation of your list of individuals that you can email about your latest products that they might want to try out, or a subscription to your products and services.

Quiz. Image credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Quiz. Image credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

3. It Boosts Your SEO Ratings

You probably know by now how vital search engine optimization is for your business. In digital marketing, this is one of the facets of a website that you have to pay attention to. Poor SEO ratings will generally mean that your website isn’t competitive enough, and that it won’t usually pop up on the top search results of various search engines.

Quizzes are an excellent way for you to boost the SEO ranking of your website. Here’s how:

– It makes users stay longer on your website.

– It lessens the chances of users bouncing off to another site, and you losing your website traffic, as quizzes generally keep users interactive and interested.

– It increases your social shares.

Even with a straightforward strategy like a quiz, you are already able to achieve so much concerning your website’s SEO rankings. Remember the basic rule: the better the SEO, the higher the page ranking. The higher the page ranking, the more traffic comes in to your website. The more traffic on your site, the more profit you can potentially gain as well.

4. It Increases Your Social Media Reach

Digital marketing comes with a lot of mediums for you to choose from. Apart from the more traditional websites, you can also choose to use social media sites. If you’ve recently been having trouble with gaining a broad reach on social media, you might want to try creating an online quiz. Rather than just keeping your followers bored with photos and written content all the time, you can tweak your posts from time to time by posting quizzes.

Internet users tend to be more interactive with quizzes, and they get to enjoy answering them as well. For some, it’s like getting the results they wanted to hear, and for others, it can be a break-time laughing matter. The more quizzes you post, the higher the chances that social media users will remember you. Plus, because they are so hooked on your quizzes, most of them will share these as well. Hence, through a simple quiz, you have effectively increased your social media reach, thereby allowing more Internet users to learn about your company and the products that you offer as well.


Have you ever experienced being on your social media account, like Facebook for instance, and all of a sudden, a quiz pops out? When you click and answer one, you start to find so many more quizzes that you can’t stop answering. Yes, quizzes are that addictive! Plus, they are fun, too. Now you know that those quizzes aren’t just merely for fun, but they are also a form of marketing strategy. With this list of benefits to convince you of its efficiency, all you have left to do now is to get started making your own quizzes.

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