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Hyundai designed a smart air purifier for cars – this is what we need in our cities

Posted May 20, 2019

If you live in an urban environment, you spend a significant portion of your life in traffic jams. That is just a reality of life, which is going to bother more and more people as more and more of us are moving to big cities. This means that we are breathing highly polluted air, but Hyundai says that it is possible to solve this issue. Famous South Korean car manufacturer has just shared its new invention – an intelligent ‘Smart Air Purification system’.

Hyundai’s Smart Air Purification system will consist of a laser-based sensor and advanced filtration technologies. Image credit: Hyundai

Ok, so the problem is actually going to solve itself eventually once everyone is driving electric vehicles. But that is not going to happen overnight. In fact, we are going to be driving cars with internal combustion engines for at least couple more decades. And even then air quality is going to be very important.

Hyundai’s intelligent ‘Smart Air Purification system’ continually checks interior air quality and adjusts filtration process until air quality can be rated as ‘Excellent’. This technology works together with advanced filtering innovations to clean particles out of the air before passengers enter. It then maintains air quality throughout the journey. ‘Smart Air Purification system’ is already developed enough to be considered  for future Hyundai and Kia vehicles. But what is the difference from more conventional air purification systems?

Well, more traditional air purification units in cars only operate for a set period when activated. You turn it on, it works for 5-10 minutes and then stops. Or it keeps cycling on and off regardless of the air quality inside the cabin. This new Hyundai’s ‘Smart Air Purification system’ continuously monitors air quality inside the car and rates it from ‘Poor’ to ‘Fair’ and ‘Excellent’. If ‘Poor’ air quality is detected, air purifier is activated and works until air quality can be rated as ‘Excellent’. Passengers can also know the quality of air inside their cars through the car’s audio-video navigation screen.

Interestingly, for this technology to work Hyundai Motor Group designed an integrated, laser-based sensor. It is a more reliable option, suited for a long service life. Of course, rigorous testing procedures would ensure high quality as well. YongSuk Shin, Head of FR Interior & Exterior System Engineering Design Team in Hyundai Motor Group, said: “Enabling our customers to breathe the cleanest air, even in highly-polluted areas, is a demonstration of how Hyundai Motor Group strives to care for its customers”.

Concerns about air quality are going to continue to grow through the years to come. Despite impressive strides we made in ecology movement, pollution is still a huge problem. Especially in cities and especially in traffic jams. You certainly want air inside your car to be cleaner than it is on the streets.


Source: Hyundai

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