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3 Apps to Boost Your Productivity in 2019

Posted May 20, 2019

Productivity growth is the essential goal of every busy human. Gadgets are the most effective tools for workflow automation as you can carry them anywhere you go. This review is focused on 3 applications that can help you avoid distraction, complete all daily tasks, and develop productive habits.

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Play The Game With Your Phone Away

Forest is a gamified tech habits trainer. It is designed to give you commands to keep you focused on current tasks and to avoid being distracted by other apps. The way to reach the wanted result is extraordinary, though.

Forest app offers you to plant trees to visualize your daily progress. The core principle is elementary. There is a launch screen on which you can see a block lawn. Every sector is an adjustable timer. You have to press the start button, set the timer for any gap from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Now that the tree is planted, Forest blocks the device showing the growing tree animation during your work. The rules of the game are simple. You have to keep working until the timer is off without distracting. If you take the phone to check mail or play some game, Forest kills trees and places them on the lawn to remind you about the failure.

At the end of the day, you can watch how many productive lapses you had. Weekly reports provide you with graphs that show how much time you’ve spent on important tasks and distracting things. We test multiple productivity tools per week at, and this one attracted all the writers as the most creative they have ever used.

Stop Forgetting Tasks

Any.Do is a simple to-do list that is designed to save your time on writing down things and carrying them into several devices. This tool is available for all iOS and Android devices as well as for laptops, Chromebooks, and desktop computers.

It means that you can create a reminder on the device that is closer to you at the moment and be sure that it will appear on your phone, watch, or tablet immediately. Any.Do also supports calendar synchronization. If you have an online job calendar like Google Calendar, you can add your account into Any.Do to transform all assignments into proprietary notes and reminders automatically.

Any.Do is also handy for group tasking. There is an option to share reminders with the unlimited number of users. All kinds of to-do lists are sharable. You will get alerts as the receivers complete objectives. Everyday using of this planner will help you to work out healthy time-management habits. Eventually, you will notice that your productivity has raised without affecting your spare time.

Don’t Break The Chain

That’s the name of the key method that lies in the core of Day By Day app. This method requires you to create a chain of tasks to do within a day or a week. This helps to visualize the workflow before beginning to complete tasks.

Now you have to start working and tick out objectives one by one with bold red crosses. This activity will help you to work out the most efficient sequences of tasks or develop new habits. It may be anything from giving up eating sweets to learning math formulas in small bits or preparing for a running competition.

Making this on paper is rather inconvenient. Day By Day app allows you to visualize the flow on several devices and keep records for multiple recurring tasks in a single place. Every habit has a separate tab to help you avoid mix-up. recommends Day By Day as one of the most motivating apps for habit-making.


These 3 apps were tested by our team to provide you with a reliable opinion. If you need more tips on becoming more productive using mobile technologies, check out reviews on

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