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Why your business needs a commercial cooling tower

Posted May 16, 2019

The aim of any business is to prosper and make profits, even when the nature of business is related with relatively simple activities such as industrial refrigeration. This article will explain why your business needs a commercial cooling tower and give more details about the commercial cooling tower technology.

Installation of a new cooling tower system. Image credit: US Department of Energy, Public Domain

Installation of a new cooling tower system. Image credit: US Department of Energy, Public Domain

The main reason why your business needs a commercial cooling tower is explained in this article which provides facts and demonstrates the true value of installing a cooling tower in your business premises.

When conducting business it is vital for its owners to consider the effects of temperatures in the working environment. Temperature variation usually results in the reduction in production efficiency, sometimes even caused by health-related issues of employees, or interruptions of production procedures. Variation in temperatures may also result in legal issues due to which a business may be liable to compensate the employees for the negative impacts related to the temperature regulation within the building.

When people are working, most of their working time they will be located in a factory or office building, or, in some less frequent situations, they will be working outside. Having this fact in mind, employers must consider specific state laws or global conventions that are currently in effect. Nowadays every employee is protected by occupational safety regulations and businesses are required to conform with these requirements unconditionally.

In the present world, business activities are conducted according to the prevailing laws of the region the business is located in, and ensuring the proper operation of industrial refrigeration equipment can help to avoid possible negative issues.


Currently, different types of cooling towers are being manufactured that can be bought by the business owners as complete and ready-to-operate units. Then, the supplier of such equipment or other experts can do the installation without significant structural change of the building.

  • Cooling towers vary in size depending on their application and the amount of heat generated.
  • Cooling towers were developed in the 19th century.
  • They are the most cost-effective system of cooling in terms of running costs.
  • In terms of efficiency, they offer the best effect where there is a need for industrial cooling.
  • Cooling towers are used in buildings to remove heat, thus providing effective control of temperatures.
  • They are also used widely in different industries. Quite often manufacturing companies have concerns related to the size of cooling tower, because installation of such equipment can pose multitude of constructional challenges.
  • Cooling towers work based on the principle of evaporation. They reduce the heat of the exposed surface by releasing the excess heat to the air.
  • Most of cooling towers do not pollute the environment since what is emitted to the atmosphere is water vapor.


Trying to find answers concerning how cooling towers could help your business to achieve protection from high temperature may not be an easy task.

This is because since their invention the cooling towers were mainly aimed at regulating temperatures in high-tech industries which produce excessive heat in their systems. Architectural or construction companies often tend to focus on getting the commercial order by offering a minimum price for the project, and therefore may not propose the possibility of installing cooling towers to their clients.

Here are some answers to the frequently encountered questions concerning cooling towers and their application in different business ventures.

Is cooling tower the same thing as a chiller?

You should note that a cooling tower is not the same as the traditional chiller both in design and operation.

How does a cooling tower work?

Cooling towers have a fan which regulates air flow. When the evaporation takes place the water circulating in the system loses heat. The cooled water enters the tower sump at the bottom, and then goes back to the top to cool the source of heat. The process repeats in a cycle.

What is the cost of installing a cooling tower for business use?

The cost for installing a cooling tower varies depending on several facts ranging from:

  • Type of the cooling tower, because different types of the cooling tower parts are needed.
  • The size of the cooling tower.
  • Structural design.

For how long a cooling tower remains in service?

Cooling towers can remain operational for up to 20 years. The life expectancy is prolonged by the use of proper maintenance and water treatment.

What is the size of a cooling tower?

A cooling tower for a business can be as small as a small roof-top unit which will be serving a building comfortably. The size is also determined by the amount of heat needed to be regulated.

What are the benefits of cooling towers over other cooling systems?

A cooling tower is cheaper to install than refrigerated air conditioning. The cost is half or even less. The operational costs are also low, and may comprise just 25% of the refrigerated air conditioning running expenses.

The cooling tower for the geothermal power plant. Image credit: Rtracey via Wikimedia, Public Domain

The cooling tower for the geothermal power plant. Image credit: Rtracey via Wikimedia, Public Domain

Evaporative cooling tower is easy to operate because cooling tower parts do not include a compressor. This reduces power spikes experienced with a refrigerated air conditioning system. Cooling towers also do not require refrigerants which are expensive plus they are proven pollutants of the environment. An example of a commercial installation is the FRP cooling tower that you can use in your business to lower temperatures. These cooling towers are lightweight and compact.  They are easy to install and assemble.

The cooling towers are proven to be energy efficient since they draw relatively low current as compared to other types of air conditioning systems.

The maintenance costs are also low because the only cooling tower parts requiring periodic service or repairs are the fan and the water pump; their cost is minimal and installation is easy. Due to this fact maintenance services can also be provided not only by the company which originally installed this equipment.

Cooling tower evaporation process cools water effectively which keeps buildings or industrial premises free of excessive heat from hot water. This is achieved by raising the humidity of the surrounding areas.

A cooling tower operates quietly, and therefore the user is spared from disruptions caused by noise, and the need for soundproofing can be minimized too.

Are there different types of cooling towers?

Cooling towers are classified in different categories with each having different types of cooling tower machinery. These categories are based on some of the following criteria:

  • The shape of the complete tower.
  • Air-flow characteristics – the direction of the air circulation inside the tower.
  • Construction – whether the tower is attached to the building or detached, etc.
  • The material used – some cooling towers are made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), while others use Galvanized Aluminum or other materials.
  • Heat transfer method – possible types include dry cooling towers, open circuit cooling towers, and closed circuit cooling towers, also known as fluid cooling towers.

That’s all we currently have on the topic why your business needs a commercial cooling tower. It is obvious that cooling towers effectively help to create a good and comfortable working environment in your business and favorable manufacturing conditions whenever needed. Cooling towers also lower the overall business maintenance cost as they are energy efficient compared to other cooling or refrigeration technologies. Install a cooling tower in your business in order to lower temperatures in your working areas, consequently achieving higher overall economical efficiency.

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