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Interactive Playtime: 7 Must-Have Apps for Pet Owners

Posted May 15, 2019

Need to be tech savvy with your pet? Here are a few ways you can achieve that. By getting some of these recommended pet apps, you will no longer be behind in technology when it comes to your furry babies.

Interactive playtime

Interactive playtime. Image credit: Nancy Nobody via Pexels (Pexels licence)

How to Be Your Pet’s Favorite Person, App Style

This world today runs on apps. There are apps for everything. How to do your hair, how to get good grades, how to be a good parent, how to meditate, there are even apps on how to eat and what to do with your life. Finally, the ‘app life’ has come to the world of pets and animals, introducing apps for pet owners, giving these pet owners the privilege to make their love for animals technologically advanced. They get to choose from a variety of apps that can invariably make their love for their various animals ten times better and more technologically advanced.

These apps are made specifically for people who are privileged to own pets, giving them some of the best technological experiences that money can buy. Whether it’s an app for feeding or pet games apps your furry friend can play with you, the world today has made space for these creatures in the best way possible.

7 Apps You Must Have to Be the Best Pet Owner

Dog Walk – (Android, IOS)

This powerful app is one of the best dog walking apps. It is a free way to track your dog’s exercise routine. Track your furry friend’s walks using special sensors that take care to note down and internalize your dog’s walking route. This route is then saved and projected on a map. You can get to take note of the distance and the time taken to complete the walk. How cool is that! Taking and saving pictures are also special features of the app. This gives dog walkers a thrilling way to document their canine’s favorite time of the day and makes it good enough for them to want to go all over again.

Dog walk

Dog walk. Image credit: muhannad alatawi via Pexels (Pexels licence)

Well, there was Hi5, then Facebook, now your furry friends can connect with their furry friends using this social media google play app called Pet owners can connect with each other all over the country, just like Facebook. You just need to create a profile for your pup and watch how easy it is to link up with several other PawPals, setting updates and what not. It’s like a new Facebook, only this time for paw owners.


Dogs and cats hardly stay still for their pictures to be taken. They do not always make for the best models. However, if you are lucky, you could get a few good shots. PetSnap makes sure that those ‘few good shots’ multiply. For the perfect one of all the pet apps for Android, this app uses several noises to attract your pet and coax them to get into formation and be picture ready more than 70% of the time. It is one of the best dog control apps created.

ASPCA Pet Safety

Looking for a free way to safeguard the safety of your pet, you might have just gotten yourself a good one. ASCPA Pet Safety has it hardwired to prepare for any pet emergencies like natural disasters and even extreme weather conditions. The app also gives ideas on some things to try in case your pet gets missing. It’s the ability to store information is what makes this app truly one of a kind.

Safety for pet

Safety for pet. Gabriela Cheloni via Pexels (Pexels licence)

Pet First Aid – American Red Cross

This perfectly functional guide gives knowledge on what to do when your furry friend requires assistance in any way. The app gives first aid lessons complete with easy-to-follow guides that give you the assurance that should an emergency arise, you are equipped with all you need to be of help to your hurting animal friend.

Dog Buddy

While we are talking about health, why not talk about Dog Buddy? It can be a bit of a drag. Use this app to create schedules that cater to all the deadlines regarding your dog’s special needs such as a vaccination schedule, health treatments, and vital signs. You can also easily track any health milestones made by the animal so you can keep for reference later.

Dog Vacay

You need not worry about who will take care of your little pooch while you are away on vacation any longer. Dog Vacay pulls up a directory of reliable people who can step in to sit for your animals any time you need to run out of town. It gives you the surety to focus on other things knowing that your pooch is very well taken care of in your absence.

Have you tried any of these apps? Go on, do well to share your experiences with other animal lovers and create an environment of tech-savvy individuals who love their furry babies to bits. Google play store apps for dog owners to get any of these amazing apps, or even to learn how to update apps on Android.

About the author

Betti Wilson is a proud owner of two dogs and a cat. She enjoys sitting down and finding ways to make keeping pets easy and more practical. Apart from the usual things that are required, she researched the best ways to make her animals feel safe and loved. When she is not thinking of taking care of her babies, she plays tennis.

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