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2019 Technology Trends That IT Managers Have To Follow

Posted May 9, 2019

Every year, various industrial trends are forecasted, while everyone wait to see what comes out of the trend and which ones to take advantage of. In more practical terms, in 2019, here are the top 5 trends that IT manager should take advantage of already.

Computer security - artistic impression. Image credit: Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

Computer security – artistic impression. Image credit: Pixabay (Pixabay licence)

1. Security Automation:

Apart from the fact that the world has become elaborate on the digital space, IT managers have many things to consider, check, and enact for the due activity of an organization. Despite these, security protocols have to be in place, irrespective of how full the IT manager’s hands are. Hence, security automation has become a trend where security operations and tasks are enacted without the need of a human agent. Security automation eradicates the daily SOC procedures, which can be boring and take a very long time when done manually. Businesses, in 2019, are beginning to get smart in their security protocols by using security automation tools such as Siemplify.

2. Adoption of Chatbots:

More IT departments of different organizations have proposed having chatbots serve as the face of the company to the customers. Chatbots are smart and can communicate with many persons simultaneously. They also provide prompt responses to customers’ queries. Chatbots have gone beyond the question-answer type of tool for businesses. They provide solutions to queries, help market products and services to customers, obtain real-time insights on customers’ buyers’ journey process. They also handle complex situations and conversations. With the integral machine learning ability and artificial intelligence, chatbots have been an amazing tech tool used by organizations. In fact, in some industries, it is known that chatbots are able to satisfy customers up 80%. Some others are still around 60%; nevertheless, there are daily-recorded improvements.

3. Video Marketing:

Video marketing has become the new trend and statics show that more than 55% of people see, at least, one marketing video, daily. YouTube is also rated to be the second search engine for answers or products and how to services in the previous year. Because of the sensual influence that videos have on individuals, IT companies and managers have adopted this method to pitch their products and services to prospective and active customers. They boost engagement and traffic.

4. Business Analytics:

With the right analytics tools, businesses are able to eradicate boring and iterative processes of data collections and log keeping. Business analytics tools, in 2019, are set and operational to collect and group data from various web platforms and interfaces of various organizations. The right tools are used to study business and market trends as it pertains to an organization or industry. The results obtained from these tools provide real-time insights to business personnel and IT teams to make informed decisions.

5. More subscription to Cloud Services:

Many businesses are now banking with cloud services for deals like networking, app deployment, security, and storage. The magnanimity of cloud services is becoming apparent and many organizations are rooting for this option. In this age and year, one of the best decision that an IT manager can help its organization do would be to leverage cloud solution services.

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