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Top Email Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2019

Posted May 6, 2019

Each year, the email marketing industry sees new trends arising. Over the course of the past five years, several trends have established themselves and went on to define the entire market.

In 2018, the industry saw the rise in customization and optimization of various aspects of email. In 2019, the trend has continued and there are some other new trends that are also arising. Many of the trends that will be seen this year will be mainly focused on improving various aspects that have already been established in the marketing realm.

Image credit: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels (Pexels licence)

Image credit: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels (Pexels licence)

The most important factor that will define how the trends will go is consumer expectation. Every year, the goals of marketing have to be reviewed in the context of how the market is responding. As personalization of email continues to rise, there is no doubt that more emphasis will be put on meeting the demands of the customer. There are indeed many things that will change in 2019. Let us look at some of the prominent trends that will define the year.

Personalized Email will Become the Norm

One of the trends that will define the year will be the continuation of personalization. In the past, it was not possible to personalize emails because of the lack of technology. Today, however, there are many different programs that allow marketers to fully customize their emails. With a simple email template builder, you can be able to create some amazing emails and meet your marketing goals.

The proliferation of customized emails will result in more practical messaging. There is definitely every reason for marketers to opt for more customized emails in 2019 than in other time. Data is now available freely to marketers and the means of putting this data into proper uses are also available.

While the past few years have been tumultuous for data companies, there is now a proper understanding of how and when companies can use personal data. As the year unfolds, the many different laws and regulations that govern how user data is used by companies will become clearer. Marketers will thus be able to use the data available to them without having any doubts of what the legal status of the information is. The market has continued to become more scientific and the push for perfection in the industry will continue.

The Proliferation of Interactive Content

Many pundits have noted that interactive content will continue to rise as technology becomes more widespread. There are many technologies that have come up in the recent past which make it possible for marketers to interact better with their audiences. 3D, AI, and machine learning are some of the technologies that will rise in use over the course of the year.

Content that contains small games and quizzes among other things will thus be a big part of email messaging. Such content is preferred by audiences because it brings a fun twist to marketing. It is thus expected that more marketers will include such content during the year.

Growth in Mobile AOV

Image credit: Rawpixel via Pexels (Pexels licence)

Image credit: Rawpixel via Pexels (Pexels licence)

Mobile average order value (AOV) is determined by the number of successful sales made as a result of mobile marketing. The AOV in the mobile industry has not been performing well for a very long time. This is especially evident when you analyze the AOV levels in the PC world. Ever since emails became a key means of communication in the desktop world, marketers have utilized the desktop environment as the main platform for promoting products. The rise of mobile phones in recent years has however prompted marketers to focus more on other platforms.

In 2019, mobile and desktop are competing for the top spot. It is during this year that we might possibly see the mobile AOV overtake the desktop counterpart. If this does not happen over the course of the year though, there will still be a noteworthy growth in the mobile AOV. The rise in use of mobile devices over the past few years has seen interesting statistics being recorded for the first time. By the end of 2018, the average order value between mobile and desktop platforms was continually decreasing. As the year progresses, more people will shift to the world of mobile when making huge purchases. This will ultimately increase the AOV in this market.

Data Collection Will be Done With Incentives

Data is an integral part of marketing. The manner in which data is collected can determine how successful the process of marketing will be. For many marketers, getting it right when it comes to data collection can often mean making huge sacrifices. In 2019, there will be a rise in the use of incentives in order to get data from the market.

Customer data will be collected in more incentivized ways as marketers seek to be ahead of the curve in the market. A rise in the use of loyalty programs will thus be witnessed over the course of the year. The use of such programs will ultimately result in greater engagement between customers and marketers. Brands that use incentives in the right way will gain more appeal among the masses.

Targeted Marketing Will Take Over

Image credit: Rawpixel via Pexels (Pexels licence)

Image credit: Rawpixel via Pexels (Pexels licence)

With technology that is constantly becoming better, an increase in targeted marketing will be inevitable. The deliverability and quality of messages will mean that marketers do not need to create generic campaigns for their customers anymore. The increased use of data in the process of crafting campaigns will also make it possible for marketers to have quality over quantity. As opposed to the past, it is now possible to do proper data management with almost every email provider. The focus of marketers will thus be on optimizing the power of email by using targeted marketing.


Many trends will be observed over the course of 2019. For the most part, the dominant trends that will arise will be backed by good technology and innovation. The world of tech is continually evolving and with this evolution, many different sets of tools are available to marketers. The above trends are some of those that will be easily observed. The proper use of personalization tactics, interactive content and other tools will result in great yields for marketers.


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