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The 88 Constellations and Their Brightest Stars (Infographic)

Posted May 6, 2019

In an age without contemporary forms of entertainment, storytelling was a treasured pastime. The night sky and the stars peppered throughout provided a canvas for people to tell these stories.

Free image via Pixabay

People used the patterns and formations they found in the stars to create outlines or shapes that represented anything and everything from religious and mythological figures, animals and creatures of folklore, inanimate objects, and more. Those imaginary shapes, outlines, and formations were the earliest constellations.

Today, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) recognizes 88 constellations which have boundaries that group together to cover 100% of the celestial sphere. This educational infographic from Sleepopolis identifies all 88 constellations, the mythology or meaning behind them and how they were envisioned by the people who originated them. From an astronomical angle, the chart also reveals the brightest star within every constellation and when and where an amateur astronomer can best see them.

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