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Analyze Website Requirements And Weigh It With Site Data To Ensure SEO

Posted May 5, 2019

Success in terms of SEO is not easy to come by but it is not impossible either. All you need is to devote a little time, follow the SEO tips of the experts and use the right analytical tool to know about the requirements of the search engines and their algorithm and deliver accordingly. In the end, you should turn your focus to lead conversions and at the same time continue to update your content and release new ones as well.

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Analyzing all of your website data will tell you a lot of things but you must make sure that you analyze them collectively. This is because a single piece of data by itself may not lead you anywhere and not tell you about the specific thing that you want to know. On the other hand, when you collect and analyze a lot of data you will surely be able to notice a distinct pattern.

  • Such analysis of data will tell you that when a few people visit your site and fails to click on your Call To Action you may have as significant a problem as when a large number of visitors ignore the CTA altogether. It will indicate that it is high time that you made a few adjustments to it as well as your entire site.
  • The analysis will also tell you a lot about the behavior pattern of the users as well as the Google Search Console traffic data reports. Both these will help you to have a clear picture of the performance level and functionality of your website. For example, the user behavior reports will help you to see how the users behave once they land on your site.

On the other hand the Google Search Console data will help you in several different ways such as:

  • It will help you to track the key metrics
  • You will come to know about the number of sessions unique and otherwise
  • You will be able to determine the bounce rate and lots more.

In short, you will be able to analyze the data to know the specific patterns as well as the referral sources of your audience. This will tell you a lot about how people are finding your site, how they are looking at your pages that you think will get you more traffic. All this information will help you to know more about conversions as well as other important things.

If you find that a particular page is very successful then it is best to reverse-engineer the success of that page so that it replicates across your entire site.

Conduct keyword research

You must conduct a thorough keyword research so that you can use the best ones that are relevant to your content or site. The importance of keyword is big enough and something entirely different compared to the keywords of the olden times. In the past you easily could pick up any keyword out of thin air and write an article of 300 words based on the keyword and rank it for that specific keyword or keywords the next day.

SEO does not work like that anymore but in the following way:

  • Now you will find that different SEO companies such as Walnut Solutions Dhule or others use dedicated tools such as Ubersuggest to help them find the most suitable keywords that is not only related to the business and is niche but will also tell a lot about the topic to the Google Analytics.
  • Keywords now are selected with a focus that it will help the Google algorithm to tank your site high in the search engine result page. SEO companies are now more in favor of a long tail keyword rather than one or two words. This helps them to satisfy the intent of the customer in a better way.
  • Before selecting a keyword at random, SEO companies now look into the matter as well as the selection process from the viewpoint of the reader. They find out what a reader searches for in content and what they expect to find in a specific page of a specific company settling specific product or services. The keyword to use is then chosen with relevance to the topic.

Typically, search of keyword starts with a broad keyword from the list provided by specific tools and you can filter the ones that you want for your content. If you are looking for long tail keywords then you keep in mind that the keywords itself tell enough about your product or services. Make sure that you repeat this over and over again when you create the pages for your website.

Long in-depth content

You must also lay extra focus on long and in-depth articles so that it provides as much information as possible regarding the specific topic. If your content is rich in information and long enough then it will have enough value. According to Buffer and other research conducted several other agencies it is found that the ideal length for an informative and good blog post is 1,600 to 2,000 words.

Though this is just the starting point, you may stick to this limit as well. However, before you decide the topic as well as the length of the article make sure that you Google your primary keyword. For this matter you may visit the top 10 result in the search engine result pages and if you find that for a specific keyword the blog posts are longer than 2,000 words then make sure that your one is long as much as theirs.

However, like it is mentioned before, length is not only and everything but still it will influence a lot in your final search results by sending a strong signal to Google that your page contains much more information than other sites.

If you are lucky enough to have a large number of people visiting that page, spending a long time on it and reading the content to the very end it is highly likely that you will be ranked higher by the search engines.

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