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5 Reasons You Should Use a Virtual Room Planner to Redesign Your Living Room

Posted May 2, 2019

There’s nothing quite so exciting as redesigning part of your home. People put so much time and effort into keeping up their houses that it’s only right that a quality remodel or redesign is at the top of homeowners’ wish lists. A nice living room redesign can breathe new life into a house that’s been lovingly lived in for years. It can also make a new home feel more ‘you’ after moving in.

Redesigns can run anywhere from a very basic rearrangement of furniture and fixtures to a complete renovation. Depending on time and budget, a redesign can make a huge difference in how a home looks and feels. It also helps increase the property’s value. People spend a lot of money on redesigns, so getting it right matters.

One of the best tool homeowners have these days is the option to work with a virtual room planner. The planners use software tools to make changes according to your living room’s exact measurements. It’s perhaps the biggest way technology has impacted the interior design business. Here are five of the top reasons using a virtual room planner can make your living room redesign a success.

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1. Mistakes with No Consequences

You all probably know someone who’s invested a lot of money in either a designer or new furniture only to have it really end up a mess. Perhaps they couldn’t match up with the designer’s vision, or things took so long they became frustrated. Maybe the paint color you envisioned didn’t pan out, or you found out the layout doesn’t work after changes have been made. Believe it or not, people even frequently buy furniture that won’t fit in their living rooms.

Well, with a room planner, you can feel free to experiment and make mistakes without consequences. You can paint your virtual room on a computer with a million colors before deciding which one’s perfect for you. Couches, chairs, carpets and other furniture can be moved around with a click of a button. A lot of furniture retailers even partner with virtual room planners, letting you see how furniture you’re planning on buying will fit in your living room. Virtual room planners are great because you can nail everything down online before one paint brush hits the wall.

2. Access to More Resources than Ever

If you’re a DIY diehard, then virtual room planners are the perfect tool. However, they’re also fantastic because they give people help who need it. In the past, top interior designers were reserved for the rich and famous because they had limited time to work on jobs. It required them to be there in person to make decisions.

Now, with virtual room planners, designers can design and make suggestions remotely. They can communicate via phone and email, proposing changes in the planner tool that the owner can meet in real time. Virtual room planners allow homeowners and designer to work as partners, both making changes in real time. It’s the best way for owners to present their visions and designers to deliver on expectations.

As mentioned, prominent furniture and interior design outlets use virtual room planners so customers can see how their products will look in exact models of their rooms. Homeowners have access to more designers and products than ever.

3. Virtual Room Planners Save Money

Home design mistakes can be costly. It takes a lot of money to fix a coat of paint you don’t love. By avoiding mistakes, homeowners can save a lot of money. The tools are either very affordable or totally free to use if you’re using one from a retailer. You’ll also get a great deal on a quality interior designer because they’re not required to travel or be onsite. They can leverage their time more efficiently, passing savings on to their clients. That frees up more money for that lovely arm char or side table you’ve been dying to get.

4. Homeowners Can Borrow from Styles They Love

Not everyone is design-inclined. A lot of people struggle with making their home look nice or what would look good inside their home. They end up taking risks that don’t pan out. Poor design just makes a living room look awkward and disjointed. It can take away from the serenity a home is supposed to give its residents. There’s a reason there are so many home and interior magazines. They serve as inspiration for people considering a redesign or renovation. Homeowners love to borrow design ideas because even through they might not be good designing from scratch, they know beauty when they see it.

Virtual room planners let owners take inspiration from websites or magazines and plug them into their living rooms. They can see how it will fit with the color and flow of their homes before anything’s bought or moved in. You’ll be able to visualize whether cream or lavender looks better on your walls, and if modern design you love in magazines will work in your space. Virtual room planners are the perfect plug and play tool for people to see how much color a room needs and how far apart furniture needs to be spaced. You can analyze the layout of the room, so you’ll be happy with the flow when it’s all said and done.

5. Keep Redesign Time to a Minimum with Virtual Room Planners

Working with interior designers and contractors can be a painful experience for people living in the house. Rooms are not available for use and there are people trekking in and out of your place for weeks. The infamous ‘two weeks’ until things are done gets thrown around too casually sometimes.

Vendors are often too aggressive in estimating work time because they are eager to close deals. Maybe they’re worried that customers will walk if they give an accurate estimate of how long it will take. The same goes with designers. If you book a popular designer, they can be pulled in so many directions by clients that it can be weeks until the schedule a follow up visit to your place.

Virtual room planners keep redesigns quick and easy because everything’s done online before anything actually happens. When vendors or delivery people come to your place, they have a clear idea of what needs to happen. Owners will know what the ultimate end product looks like, so it’s easier for them to stay on top of the project and keep people accountable. It’s the best way to make a beautiful redesign happen on schedule and on budget.

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