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HATCH promotes dialogue between children and space industry professionals

Posted April 26, 2019

To show that the youngest space enthusiasts can communicate with space experts, the newly launched space industry portal HATCH has carried out a unique project: videos in which children ask questions about space in hopes of getting professional answers. In the campaign, children aged seven to twelve turn to knowledgeable space professionals in Europe and the world.

Image credit: HATCH

According to Linda Kimeiša, the HATCH project communication manager: “Our goal was to create a platform suitable for both industry professionals and enthusiasts. We wanted to take this challenge to an even higher level and show that the European space industry is open to anyone regardless of language, nationality, age and experience. We believe that involving children in such a project is essential as it draws the attention of educators, parents and other opinion leaders to this exciting topic. At the same time, it helps make professionals aware of what the youngest enthusiasts think, ponder, and want to know.”

The campaign has resulted in videos in which HATCH communications representatives from a Latvian company ask primary school children various questions about space. The aim of the videos is to invite space industry experts in Europe to answer the questions that arise in turn. It could therefore become a unique experience for both parties, who would not be able to communicate without HATCH’s help in crossing the borders of countries, languages and experience and knowledge.

Space industry experts from around the world are now invited to answer the children’s questions by sending their answers in text or video format.

Source: HATCH

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