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Automation as a Service: Popular Trends & Technological advancements to Watch Out for Near Future

Posted April 26, 2019

The growing technological advancements have changed the way we function in our day to day life. It has eased several processes in our personal and professional lives. Automation as a service market is one major technological advancement that we are witnessing now a days. The global automation as a service market is predicted to grow at a tremendous rate in the forthcoming years.

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Automation refers to a process of mechanizing a series of operations. This is done by capturing and interpreting repetitive and high-volume processes. The automation service is which is delivered via cloud is known as automation as a service. It deals with several process such as triggering responses, interpreting data, and communicating with other digital systems.

Previously, these operations called for tremendous labor. Owing to this businesses had to deal with several flaws like manual errors, slow functions, and labor monotony. Automation as a service is shaping the way reparative way is performed in business unit as well as home. It helps in reducing inconsistencies from business environments and minimize errors, thereby enabling effective business processes.

Automation-as-a-service is widely accepted in organizations now-a-days. This is because of its ability to shift from slow manual processes to reliable, fast automated ones.

The increasing adoption of cloud technology among the business unit is one strong factor expected to drive the global automation as a service market. The technology is already used in several business functions such as IT, finance, marketing and sales, operations, and HR. The increasing demand for automation across business process holds immense scope for automation across a number of business verticals.

The automation as a service market has high capability to grow in future owing to its ability to perform the mundane tasks efficiently.

Some of the industries which improving their business process with the help of automation as a service market are BFSI, healthcare, and telecommunications and IT.

Overview: Technological advancements have eased several processes in personal and professional lives of people. One such domain that promises improved activities using latest technologies is automation. Automation as a service is growing in importance over the last few years. The global automation as a service market is predicted to grow at a tremendous rate in the forthcoming years.

An upcoming Transparency Market Research report sheds light on the existing and emerging trends in the global automation as a service market. It delves into the details of the market’s overview, key drivers and challenges, geographical distribution, and competitive dynamics. The report will be of high importance for both established and future players of the global automation as a service market.

Drivers and Restraints: Sales and marketing are key areas where demand for automation as a service will soar in the coming years. It will enable sales and marketing professionals to avoid redundant processes and steps while managing customers and service requests. Such aspects will drive demand in the global automation as a service market.

At the same time, another area where the service will rise in demand is human resources. There are several processes that can be automated in human resources department. Some of these processes are identifying eligible candidates for a job, scrutinizing job applications, making calls, and updating the hiring processes. This will ease the work for human resource professionals, thus escalating consumption in the global automation as a service market.

There are several other areas like logistics, media and entertainment, information technology, manufacturing, and others where automation services find extensive applications. However, healthcare is a sector where the demand for services is prophesized to soar in the coming years. As most countries improve healthcare infrastructure, handling large volumes of patient data and management will demand automation of certain processes like admissions and patient history. This will bolster growth in the global automation as a service market in the near future.

However, the concerns over data security and privacy may restrict growth in the global automation as a service market. Nonetheless, many service providers are working on developing highly secure networks and systems to avoid breach of data. This could reduce effects of restraints acting on the global automation as a service market.

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