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Things to Consider while Fabricating an AI Strategy

Posted April 25, 2019

AI is the buzzword that has taken over the internet like a storm. AI along with Machine learning has transformed the way organizations do business. AI is all about building smart machines that feed on data to make decisions. There will be a future where all the decisions will be made by the machines. AI is creating a wave where intelligent machines is not a reality anymore.

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AI is everywhere is around us. You might have used or read about Alexa and Google Home by now. These AI integrated technologies are here to simplify our lives by doing all the monotonous tasks that were earlier done by humans. That’s what AI is doing. It is handling all the tedious tasks in the organizations. This doesn’t mean that it will replace humans. After all the creators of such smart machines are intelligent humans who work hard to give us the best.

There are a lot of organizations that are adopting artificial intelligence to make smart decisions. But, without a proper AI strategy, a business will end up in failure. Therefore, to make the business experience breakthroughs, consider fabricating an AI strategy.

Here is what you should take into account while planning an AI strategy:

– Exploring a business case

– Balancing priorities with culture

– Capturing top talent

– Maintaining Best Infrastructure

– Acquiring relevant data

– Securing leadership support

– Choosing suitable technology

Fact Alert

According to LinkedIn, Only 20% of AI skilled professionals are from Information and Technology services industry.

Time to know the popular AI use cases-

IT Automation (47%), Quality Control /Detecting Defects (46%), Cybersecurity (41%), Predictive Analytics (38%), Customer Services (37%), Risk Management (37%), Sales Optimization (34%), Decision Support (37%), Workforce Management (32%), Marketing Optimization (30%), Connected Equipment, Devices, Products (29%), Forecasting (29%), Tax, Audit and Compliance (23%).

According to Forbes, By 2030, Artificial Intelligence can boost up the global GDP by $15.7 trillion. The top-notch companies that are deploying AI technologies are Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Tencent, Google, Facebook, and many others. If you want to work with these growing industries, gear up to boost your skills in AI with the artificial intelligence certifications.

A career in AI is not as easy as it may seem. According to Deloitte, 61% of organizations are on a spree of training IT experts in deploying Artificial Intelligence for filling the skill gap. This is increasing the demand for artificial intelligence certifications that hold the power to enhance the skills of the professionals. Organizations are looking for the capable certified artificial engineers who are able to weave a strategy that can benefit them. Artificial intelligence certifications are the best way to prove your worth and expertise in the technology that is ruling the world. This will earn you handsome salary packages and opportunities to work with the top companies. Get certified to embrace this AI revolution and stay ahead in the race of grabbing the best job opportunity!

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