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How an Electric Vehicle Works – Infographic

Posted April 11, 2019

Though Nikola Tesla invented the alternating current motor more than 100 years ago, electric vehicles are still a relatively new technology. However, the rise of the Tesla electric vehicle brand has brought electric car capabilities into the spotlight, and many hope that this sustainable technology could soon replace gas-powered vehicles.

Free image via Pixabay

Some advantages of electric vehicles over gas or diesel-powered vehicles include:

– Electric vehicles do not give off harmful pollutants, as opposed to typical motor vehicles which account for the majority of carbon monoxide pollution

– Electric vehicles are quiet and smooth, as they don’t contain an internal combustion engine

– Electric vehicles boast very high performance and almost instant acceleration, with the Tesla Model S being the second-fastest vehicle on the market

– Electric vehicles cost less to maintain as they have fewer mechanical parts that can break down

The way that electric vehicles function is actually a lot simpler than gas or diesel-powered cars, and can be broken down into just a few components. Take a look at the animation from car experts at The Zebra below to learn more about how these unique machines work.

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