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AI for Good Idea Challenge

Posted April 11, 2019

Code for good to build a more sustainable and accessible world.

AI for Good is a challenge for developers, students, and data scientists to use AI to tackle some of society’s greatest challenges.

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We invite you to submit ideas that use AI to:

Advance environmental sustainability. For example:

  • Agriculture: Efficiently monitor the health of farms in real time
  • Biodiversity: Accelerate the discovery, monitoring and protection of biodiversity across our planet
  • Climate change: Give people more accurate climate predictions to help reduce the potential impacts
  • Water: Model Earth’s water supply to help us conserve and protect fresh water

Empower people with disabilities. For example:

  • Employment: Help people develop professional skills and influence workplace culture and inclusive hiring
  • Daily Life: Use AI for hearing, seeing and reasoning with increased accuracy to help people with everyday tasks
  • Communication and Connection: Create possibilities for all people regardless of how they listen speak or write have equal access to information and opportunities

In addition to the prizes below, this challenge provides the opportunity for you to present your idea to Microsoft and showcase your project on Check out the AI Idea Challenge cheat sheet for ideas on where to start.

Your ideas are judged on the following three parameters:

  • 50% Originality of Impact
  • 20% Solutions Feasibility
  • 30% Complexity to Implement

The process


Upload your project – Click here and follow the instructions to register and submit your entry.


Idea review – A panel of Microsoft judges will review your submission


Winner announcement – Winners will be announced within 14 days after contest closes


Prizes – The top three winners of the Idea Challenge will win great prizes and a chance to present their fully developed idea on Microsoft’s AI Lab website


To be eligible, a submission must meet the following content/technical requirements:

  • Your submission must be your own original work; and
  • For video submission, please note the video must be solely your work, including but not limited to, the actual filming, editing, graphic design, etc. of the video.
  • Your submission cannot have been selected as a winner in any other contest; and
  • You must have obtained any and all consents, approvals, or licenses required for you to submit your submission; and
  • To the extent that submission requires the submission of user-generated contest such as software, photos, videos, music, artwork, essays, etc., entrants warrant that their submission is their original work, has not been copied from others without permission or apparent rights, and does not violate the privacy, intellectual property rights, or other rights of any other person or entity. You may include Microsoft trademarks, logos, and designs, for which Microsoft grants you a limited license to use for the sole purposes of submitting a submission into this Contest; and
  • Your submission may NOT contain, as determined by us in our sole and absolute discretion, any content that is obscene or offensive, violent, defamatory, disparaging or illegal, or that promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco or a particular political agenda, or that communicates messages that may reflect negatively on the goodwill of Microsoft.


Winners will be notified via the contact information provided during entry no later than July 10, 2019 with the prize claim instructions, including submission deadlines. If a selected winner cannot be contacted, is ineligible, fails to claim a prize, or fails to return any forms, the selected winner will forfeit their prize and an alternate winner will be selected pending timing allows.

Send email to [email protected] with the subject line “Idea Challenge winners request” within 30 days of July 10, 2019 to receive a list of winners that received a prize worth $25.00 or more.


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