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Everything You Need to Know about Pallet Wrap

Posted April 8, 2019

Products that need to be secured to a pallet when transported or stored can be covered in a plastic wrap, called pallet wrap. It differs from other packaging wraps because it can stretch and then pull back in. It’s almost like a rubber band, and it’s this that makes it ideal for securing products to pallets. A material that stretches well reduces the chance of breakages and other damage to goods.

There are plenty of options for manufacturers to choose from. You may need a higher-end film for a tighter fit for goods, while a lower-cost material will work if the items aren’t being transported far.

Understanding the differences

Pallet wrap can be classified into two main types: cast and blown wrap. Cast pallet wrap has a glossy and clear finish. This quality feature means it’s suitable for use on products that are being transported because the items can be quickly scanned when they need to be identified or documented. This increases packaging operation efficiency and improves inventory control. Cast wrap also makes very little noise when it’s being used. Blown wrap has high tack, which makes it noisy to wrap.

Another difference between them is that cast wrap has more stretch than the blown wrap, which makes it suited when moving goods. On the other hand, the blown material has a higher cling factor, is sturdy and durable, and better suited for items with an unusual shape. Selecting the wrap for your product comes down to your specific needs.

How to choose a specialty film

Pallet wrap is versatile and is used in many industries to protect products from light, moisture and dust. From food to medicine, the wrap can also be important to prevent tampering or to adhere to health and safety regulations. Assessing your priorities and challenges in storing or transporting your goods may require you to seek out a film product that has specialised properties.

Some of the things to consider:

  • How many items do you need to wrap, and how often?
  • Do the loads differ in size and shape?
  • What are the conditions where the load will be stored? What elements will it be exposed to there, and how long will it be stored for?
  • How far, and in what conditions, will the pallet be transported?
  • What are your security requirements? Do you need a wrap that can reduce pilfering or tampering?

These are some of the specialised solutions on offer:

  • For goods that are stored outside and exposed to the elements, try UV stretch film
  • For valuable loads, try security wrap
  • For fresh produce where airflow is needed, try ventilated stretch film
  • When stock identification needs to be easy and quick, try a coloured wrap

Correct application is important

Loads will differ in the amount of tension that’s needed when wrapping them. The variations apply to the stability the product needs and the type of wrap you’re using. If the wrap isn’t applied correctly, there can be re-stretch, which will cause shifting during shipping or transport. When this happens, items can easily be damaged.

To reduce product loss and missed supply deadlines, businesses can eliminate incorrect applications of wrap and streamline packaging processes by moving to the use of wrap machines. These don’t have the injury risks that come with manual hand pallet wrappers or holders.

Stretch wrap machines can increase efficiency, consistency and eliminate human error, which all lead to cost savings. It may also free up staff so they can work on other tasks, which makes for a more productive and less stressed workplace.

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