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How to Use an Internet Speed Test to Test and Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

Posted April 2, 2019

A slow internet connection can consume a lot of your time, and it can be very frustrating, especially when you’re downloading, live streaming in high definition, or playing online games. If your internet is at its slowest state, you have to wait for a couple of minutes to continue what you are doing. An internet speed test can help you test and troubleshoot your internet connection when it lags and becomes unstable.

A laptop user. Image credit: janeb13 | Free image via Pixabay

A laptop user. Image credit: janeb13 | Free image via Pixabay

How to start an internet speed test

Before you begin a speed test, you must close all the applications you are using. Remember that the speed test will not work using a wireless connection, such as 3G, 4G, and LTE. You may also experience some errors if you are using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network, which can really slow down the expected result.

Here are some of the things that you should always remember to make sure you have an accurate internet speed test:

– Router
First and foremost, you need to restart your router. Sometimes, turning it off and on again is the most common tech advice to fix the problem. If the problem isn’t resolved after restarting, maybe you should find a better spot for your wireless router.

– Don’t Use the Internet
If you are running an internet speed test, don’t use the internet or do any activities with it. Keep away from your computer, your phone, and anything connected to the internet. Do other things that don’t involve going online while waiting for the speed test to finish.

– Antivirus Software
Some people hate it when others are using their belongings without any permission. The same is true for people with computers, since they do not want their files to be ruined. The best thing to do is to install an antivirus software, because malware (or malicious software) are like thieves—they can easily get your personal information, such as your password, your bank account information, or your website if you’re running a business.

– Browser
You can make the job of the antivirus software easier by using a secure browser. Refrain from clicking any posts or links that look suspicious because those might just be traps to hack your system.

– Aliens
No, not the extraterrestrial ones. Sometimes, the reason behind a slower internet connection is because you have too many devices connected to your internet. Change your internet password with a much stronger one, so you can have a control on who among the people you know can connect to your internet. There’s a good chance that one of your neighbors or anyone else is using your internet without your permission, so keep it secure.

How to increase and troubleshoot your internet speed

In attempting to have a higher internet connection speed, you should be open to the options or procedures that you have to do to increase your internet speed. There are some instances that you might be doing the wrong method that’s why your internet connection’s speed won’t improve.

Image credit: Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain

Image credit: Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain

Troubleshooting is important to increase your internet speed. So, here are some of the steps that you can do:

– Close Programs in the Task Manager: Slow progress on your computer can sometimes be the result of unwanted background processes. If there is any app that’s drawing data from your network, you can close it down easily from task manager.

– Use Other Software: Software can sometimes be the cause of internet problems and not the hard drive itself. Maybe you are using a software that is not compatible with your computer. You can search for some other software that you can use to avoid a slow progress.

– Update Your Browser: If you are not using the latest version of your internet browser, you should start updating it to avoid slow loading times. You can also try some other browsers so that you can explore which of these can offer you the fastest and most secure browsing experience.

– Clear Your Internet History: If you’ve been using your computer for a very long time, you might have an extensive history and saved downloads that can contribute to a slower internet speed, which is why you need to clear your internet history. Clearing them won’t take up much of your time. Before clearing your history, remember to save all your important information first, especially passwords, because you might forget it later.

– Clear Cache: If you are doing some research, you may not notice that your browser stores cookies and other files that help you load sites fast. Clearing your cache, however, can help you more when it comes to loading pages and services faster in the long run.

– Upgrade Your Units: Whether it is a computer, router, or modem, don’t hesitate to change these after some time. Using an old computer can slow down your work as well as your internet speed. Also, having a router or modem that came from the first century won’t help you increase your internet speed. Having new units won’t cost too much, especially when you can use them for a long time.

Things to remember

If you want to have an accurate internet speed, you need to do a speed test daily. You may not know, but doing your speed test twice or more can give you a different result each time. By doing this regularly, the results can more accurately reflect your actual internet speed.

Moreover, never perform your internet speed test in the wrong place. You need to do it in the same room, with no physical obstacles to block the signal. You can also try to do a speed test in every room of your house to see the best place where you can put your router for improved connection.

Lastly, if you are using a device that hasn’t been restarted for a long time, there might be residual processes running in the background that can slow it down. Restart your device and don’t open any apps before you do the test. You might also need to stop all your downloads or temporarily disable your antivirus software so you can perform a faster internet speed test.


Every time you make some changes to your computer, don’t forget to run an internet speed test to know if you’re improving your connection or making it worse. Any of these tips might give a solution to your internet problems, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

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