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Hyundai will replace conventional key with an App and it’s a great idea

Posted March 17, 2019

How many spare keys of your car do you have? One? Maybe two? Making a spare key takes time, but what if it was as easy as downloading an App? That is basically what will soon be available for people who drive Hyundai cars. Hyundai developed a new Digital Key, which will allow up to four authorized people to use the car without any physical keys.

A simple app will help you control various functions, but will also allow the car to recognize you. Image credit: Hyundai

Although opening and closing a car with a smartphone is not entirely new, the technology still seems impressive. Everyone has smartphones with them at all times nowadays so why not eliminate the physical key? However, as impressive as it sounds, it is actually quite simple. New Hyundai cars will have Near Field Communication (NFC) in the handles of the driver and front passenger’s doors and another one within the wireless charging pad. Door ones will detect the presence of a phone with an authorized app and will allow entering the vehicle, while the interior one will make it possible starting the car.

Hyundai’s Digital Key will make physical keys obsolete. Car can be operated entirely keylessly – you just put your phone down to charge and the car is ready to go. Starting it is as simple as pressing the START/STOP button. The lack of a physical key will free up your pockets, which is especially important when going to a beach or to workout. But advantages of this technology do not end there.

Digital Keys can have some customization options. Cars can recognize them and prepare various setting for an individual driver. For example, it is possible to pre-set a seating position for every driver. Steering wheel position, side mirrors, audio, video and navigation systems and head-up display can be prepared for every driver individually as well.

Digital Key will allow for some remote control functions as well. Drivers will be able to lock and unlock the vehicle, activate the alarm and start the engine without stepping into the vehicle. Once automated parking functions are available, they will also be controlled via the Digital Key. It is also interesting that Hyundai is thinking about parents – they will be able to grant access to the vehicle for their children for a particular time. This will also be useful for car sharing services.

Of course, in certain situations you have to hand your keys to someone else. For example, you typically leave your car keys in a repair shop. You can’t give away your phone, so Hyundai offers smart keys and card type keys for these occasions. Ho Yoo, Group Leader of Hyundai Motor Group’s Electronics Development Group, said: “The Digital Key will benefit a very wide range of future Hyundai customers, as well as enabling innovative new schemes for vehicle sharing. We are studying other ways to harness this type of connected-car technology to greatly enhance the driving and ownership experience.”

Cars are becoming more and more connected. You use a lot of various apps throughout the day, so why you shouldn’t have an app for your car? It offers a lot of functionality, is quite safe and removes the necessity of having extra keys.


Source: Hyundai

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