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Marine Corps Systems Command seeks innovative solution to a new helmet retention system

Posted March 11, 2019

The Marine Corps plans to field new, more capable night vision devices (NVDs) within the next year. While more capable, the new NVDs will be larger and heavier than currently fielded systems, raising concerns about helmet stability and comfort with current helmet retention systems.

The Marine Corps wants to seek and recognize retention systems that may be compatible with the Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) and that may provide greater stability, adjustability, and comfort. If the Marine Corps can find a retention system that constitutes outstanding achievements in basic, advanced, and applied research, technology development as well as prototype development in these areas, the Marine Corps will award a prize as detailed below and will consider procuring the system to retrofit ECHs either through a sole-source or competitive acquisition process.

Image credit: Marine Corps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retention system?

The retention system is the harness/chin strap that secures the helmet to one’s head.

Why do I have to request the drawings? 

We require a request for the drawings in order to verify Companies and individuals meet the Terms and Conditions.

What color/material does the retention system have to be?

The color and design for this challenge is not restrictive. At the conclusion of the challenge we will discuss, with the winner, variations such as color.

If you have additoinal questions, submit them here.


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