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Online Courses For Advanced AI And Machine Learning Online Courses

Posted February 27, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two huge areas of industry, set only to keep growing and keep spreading their influence throughout a whole variety of fields. Self-regulated machine automation can really be an incredibly valuable tool for so many different industries: from online commerce to space exploration to medical fields.

Learning about AI and Machine Learning can make you very valuable as well, with employment possibilities raising with your understanding of these complex fields. It can sometimes be hard to know where to go to learn about advanced and specific industries, so here are a few suggestions for some great online options for studying up on these concepts.

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Columbia University Artificial Intelligence

The prestigious, world famous university of Columbia, in New York, has a fantastic course, available online. It will take some dedication, which naturally comes down to the fact that it comes directly from an Ivy League University, but if you are able to keep up with the pace, you will find yourself with a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips about this exciting new field.

Learn With Google AI

“If you’re looking to get ahead in tech, Google is always a good place to start that process”, writes Jared Prelo, marketer at Essay Writing Service. “In this instance, Google offer a grounding in AI, specifically designed to help the average user develop their AI knowledge.” If you don’t have a good basic knowledge of the industry this can be a fantastic place to begin your journey into reaching an understanding and a launchpad for more learning.

Google Machine Learning

This course, offered through the third-party hosting of Udacity, takes whatever beginnings you may have found in Learn With Google AI and develops them into a more rigorous understanding. Naturally, it makes this a less advisable place to begin your understanding of these topics. The general concepts discussed pertain to the design process for self-learning machines and data set learning. It is particularly pitched at those people who are actually interested in application of deep-learning and AI research into practical uses.

Mathematics For Machine Learning – Imperial College London

This course gets into the details of machine learning. A lot of the core concepts to machine learning are pretty clear at this stage, and graspable from an outsider’s standpoint. However, the individual building blocks take a lot more work to understand. This Imperial-created course gets to grip with the statistics and mathematics behind the optimization and utilization of machine learning. Understanding these broken down, technical concepts can really boost your overall understanding of the topics at hand, as well as putting you ahead of the competition, who perhaps will be less familiar with the practicalities of machine learning design.

Udemy Data Science For Machine Learning Bootcamp

This intensive bootcamp approach to data science comprehension, one of the absolutely crucial elements to machine learning and effective use of AI, will really give you a good grounding in the understanding of a field which has become one of the highest paid in the modern working world. Specifically, the course focuses on how to use the tool of Python to analyze and understand data and utilize the algorithms required to do really intensive data science. It’s a technical field that holds a lot of weight and one which, if understood properly, will help you stand out amongst others.

Stanford University – Machine Learning

To return to the University lead style of course, we have the iconic course from Stanford, drawn directly from the teachings of Professor Andrew Ng. Professor Ng is also the founder of deep learning work at Google, a department called Google Brain. It is all free (except if you want a qualification out of it, which you may). It is a detailed and effective course with a whole host of applications and potentials built into the learning.


With so many different options available it is extremely easy to get started in the fields of AI and machine learning. As industries adapt and evolve, certain skill sets take on new and updated degrees of importance, and new levels of value as skills to bring into the work-place. Learning about the automation and data industries is a perfect example of skills that have emerged as holding great value, in terms of your career and financially. So, try out whichever of the courses appeals to you or suits your level best, and take the opportunity to boost yourself with this new information.

Written by Chloe Bennet

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