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The Technology Hackers Use to Steal from You

Posted January 24, 2019

Hackers are fraudsters that apply advanced software techniques to get illegal access for data manipulation. Data cyber-attacks and breaches have become more common than you can imagine. This article examines the technology used by hackers to steal your information.

Cyber crime - artistic concept. Free image via Pixabay

Cyber crime – artistic concept. Free image via Pixabay

1.  Shoulder Surfing

Shoulder surfing is considered the easiest way used by hackers to access your information. Just like the name suggests, a hacker will secretly look over your shoulders as you type your passwords in addition to other valuable information. Shoulder surfing is a criminal technique used to steal in credit card machines, ATMs and any other device that requires a pin to access stored data. To stay safe from shoulder surfing, you should enhance proper password security. Shoulder surfing mostly happens when hackers search through your computer for any mention given about your password, which unfortunately many users carelessly stick notes containing passwords to important accounts on their monitors.

2.  Keyloggers

The keyloggers are mostly disseminated via infected files and attachments and cannot be spotted easily without the use of reliable antivirus software. They are hidden deep into your device and watch out as you type your information. Keylogger is designed to log everything you type through every keystroke and quickly share it to the hacker.

When this information reaches the hackers, they ‘ll have ultimate access to your data. Keyloggers are dangerous because they not only expose your passwords but everything you type. You might type sensitive information that is preserved for a few members only to realize that it’s in the hands of a hacker who misuses it through ransom and extortion.

Phone security - artistic concept. Free image via Pixabay

Phone security – artistic concept. Free image via Pixabay

3.  Spidering

Nowadays hackers are smart and know that most people prefer creating their passwords concerning the job they do. So, the hackers only investigate terminologies related to your field of operation and special facts concerning your company. Spidering is a fraudulent technology reserved for huge organizations and companies since they are likely to have standard passwords and contain more data.

Spidering works effectively when accessing WIFI passwords illegally. Many of the office routers use simple and easy to guess passwords related to the company or kind of services offered. Without much ado, hackers can easily crack into the WIFI network and access sensitive information.

4.  Brute Force Attacks

This technique is nothing other than trial and error formula. Certain programs run by the scammers work diligently through guesswork to find your password by trying several attempts per minute. The hacker will direct the software to predict words that matter the most to you. These predictions can include your names, names of your loved ones, your birthday, or your pet’s name.

A hacker only requires less than 5 minutes to maneuver through your online profiles like the twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. When they find information written on your profiles, they can then go on to guess more relevant passwords to access your data.

5.  Email Phishing

Hackers can send you an email from a familiar service. They normally use the real template, format, and design. More often the service will not have kept your email, but as a human being, you won’t recall on time. The hackers will be after your sensitive information. You shouldn’t click to such emails blindly.

6.  Watering hole

Watering hole is a specific website that hackers have noticed you frequently visit. The hacker launches malicious links on this frequently visited site by the target with the aim of infecting the target visitors with a virus so that hackers can gain access to your information.


If your yearning to keep off hackers, don’t hesitate to check out these online trainings to help enhance safety for your sensitive information from hackers. These pieces of training are essential in fighting cybercriminals.

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