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FLARE: The Urban Flashlight

Posted January 20, 2019

The great diffusion of flashing lights on bicycles shows how useful they are for safety on the streets. However, they are often bulky and not designed neither to be carried in pocket nor to be useful even when getting off the bicycle.

That’s why the team behind this latest development created FLARE, the first true multifunctional flashlight designed to be useful in many occasions and daily events, both indoors and outdoors, Powerful and versatile, but so compact that it can be used as a key ring.

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Here are some key characteristics of this device:

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: FLARE has several adjustable light sources and different modes of operation.

LONG-LASTING BATTERY: FLARE has a Li-ion rechargeable battery inside it with long life for each charge.

SMART: every function of FLARE is managed by a powerful microcontroller that increases its performances in complete safety.

FOR EVERYBODY: FLARE is designed to be useful and fun for adults and children, both during spare time and at work, also thanks also to the accessories that allow you to hook it on the body, on the clothes and on the bicycle.

3 Versions are available

FLARE has been developed in 3 versions, which differ from each other only in the type of light mounted on the rear of the device: LASER, GAME or UV. All versions have in common the front part with two main sources: powerful WHITE light and RED light. Therefore, the versions are:

1) LASER version: mounts the sources WHITE, FLASH RED, LASER
2) GAME version: mounts the sources WHITE, FLASH RED, GAME
3) UV version: mounts the sources WHITE, FLASH RED, UV

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Flare is powered by a big built-in Li-ion battery which can be quickly recharged using micro USB ports. We have carefully engineered the internal volume of Flare in order to insert a big and reliable battery and to get the longest battery life.

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