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Now you can help assembling your own Volkswagen e-Golf

Posted January 17, 2019

You order your brand new car and waiting begins. Where is it now? Did it already pass the paint booth? Are the wheels already on? How is the interior coming together? When will it be done? You’re trying to be patient, but it is difficult and you would like to just go there and see if they are already building your car. Well, now you can do exactly that, because Volkswagen is inviting buyers of the new e-Golf to come to the Transparent Factory in Dresden and help building their cars.

Customers will be able to participate in joining the drive train to the body (“marriage”) of their new e-Golf. Image credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen e-Golf is, as you might imagine, and electric version of the normal Golf. However, it represents the future and the changing direction of the Volkswagen brand. And with such a pivotal product, leading to the entirely new I.D. line of electric vehicle, Volkswagen is expanding its range of services in respect of the electric mobility experience in the so-called Transparent Factory in Dresden. German car manufacturer is looking to expanding buying experience.

Buying a brand new car consists of a test drive, choosing specifications, personalization options and extra equipment, negotiating financing deal and then just much waiting for delivery. Volkswagen wants to enhance this waiting period and is offering buyers to follow the production process so that they would always be informed at what stage their vehicle is.

This experience is exciting, because you get to work on your car even before it is finished, but it is also very educational. Image credit: Volkswagen

Arnd Meyer-Clasen, Head of Sales at Volkswagen, said: “The Transparent Factory is the showcase of e-mobility of Volkswagen. In addition to test drives, configuration and delivery of the e-Golf, another highlight we now offer is the ability to follow production. With us, not only are customers able to be there during the production of their car, but can also get involved themselves”. And it is a very unique experience indeed.

This experience of following the production process of your own e-Golf is not free – it costs EUR 390. People who chose this package will be able to the drive train to the body (“marriage”), install the front radiator grille, put the dashboard in and some other bits and bobs. Of course, all this work is supervised by actual factory workers. And the price is actually pretty good – inner-city transfers, a tour of the production and exhibition area, souvenir photos and a voucher of EUR 50 for a restaurant visit to the e-VITRUM are also included.

It sounds like an interesting experience worth the money. However, people who are not into cars that much are probably going to skip that. We would like to see this being offered with more enthusiast-friendly cars, such as Golf R or GTI.

Source: Volkswagen


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