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Ford made a dog house? This kennel could keep your dogs calm even during fireworks (Video)

Posted December 29, 2018

New Year celebrations are fantastic. Millions of people around the globe are excited to start a new calendar. They make promises to themselves, they buy gifts, they make effort and they watch fireworks. But you know who really hates fireworks? Dogs. Ford, apparently, is thinking about dogs and, therefore, created a modern dog house that features some impressive tech to keep dogs at peace.

Noise-cancelling kennel features some interesting technological solutions to keep dogs calm (Ford’s picture).

Dogs are scared of fireworks for many reasons. They don’t have calendars of clocks and they don’t know that it is time to celebrate. They see many people jumping around and then they hear these loud bangs that are very scary for them. In fact, so scary that many dogs run away and get lost during when fireworks occupy the sky at midnight. There are solutions to avoid such trouble – providing a dark room in the middle of the house is a nice option, but some dog owners choose to give their pets some medicine to make them calm. However, Ford might have figured out a better way of dealing with such trouble.

Ford has created a sound-proof dog house. Not only it features a modern design, but it also has some impressive tech. Most importantly, this doghouse features sound-cancelling technology, which you can find on some headphone or Ford Edge SUV. It works by taking ambient sound by the means of microphones and playing the same frequency but an opposite signal through the speakers on the inside. Harsh noises, such as firework explosions, get cancelled.

Of course, the construction of the Ford dog house (or kennel) is also quite impressive. It features vibration-dampening legs and a very well insulated ventilation system. In fact, all the walls of this masterpiece of pet architecture are insulated with cork material. The biggest opening, the entrance, is covered with a transparent automatic door. There is even mood lighting on the inside, which just makes this kennel even more posh. But can you buy one of those as a belated Christmas gift to your pet?

Well, no. Ford is not involved in the industry of pet products and this kennel is just a way of showcasing some technologies. However, Ford representatives don’t so just “no” – they are saying “not for now”. The market of pet-related products is constantly growing, so who knows – maybe someday Ford will decide to put this kennel for sale. But for now you should protect your pets from such extreme noises. If you don’t know how – consult your vet.

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