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The FAMAE Foundation launches the world’s largest challenge dedicated to water: PRECIOUS WATER!

Posted November 23, 2018

The FAMAE Foundation launches on November 15 PRECIOUS WATER!, an international innovation challenge with €2,000,000 as prize amount aimed at entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, students, researchers, NGOs, and community groups. Unique in its size and global scope, the goal of the competition is to support brilliant initiatives with a major impact on access to drinking water, water treatment, water preservation, improving water quality and reducing the waste of water.

Image credit: FAMAE

A second competition, even more ambitious

A year ago, FAMAE launched its first international competition dedicated to waste recycling and waste reduction “Don’t Trash your cash!”. With prize amount of €1,000,000, it had a tremendous international response with 1,500 candidates from 70 different countries and 60 colleges and universities. Last spring, three projects were chosen and these participants shared the global prize amount.

Considering the scale of the environmental issues we have to address, FAMAE this year doubles the prize amount to two million euros for another crucial environmental concern: water! The stakes are high and the expectations for concrete, effective solutions, are immense, both in the developed and in the developing world.

“We can’t live without drinking water. And yet, according to the latest figures, 11% of the world population, more than 800 million people, don’t have access to it. In the North (the developed world), there are other problems which require a huge effort in innovation, particularly a more efficient use of water (especially in agriculture and in industry such as the textile sector, or even in your home), the treatment of wastewater, as well as the protection of water as a resource. Therefore, we have decided this year to be even more ambitious and we expect more audacious projects!” said FAMAE President & Founder, Eric Philippon.

Source: FAMAE

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