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Power Forward Challenge: Building the energy systems of tomorrow

Posted November 23, 2018

We’re challenging Canadian and U.K. companies to design better power grids, connecting our nations to clean, user-friendly grids and helping to prevent power outages.

Image credit: Government of Canada

Jump-start our clean energy future

Transform our energy system

Revolutionize the way we access clean, flexible, and reliable energy from the grid.

Expand to new markets

Create opportunities for Canadian and UK firms to expand into new markets.

Have a global impact

Test your idea in the real world with a $3M prize to pilot your proposal.

Find out more about smart grids.

Ready to power up your idea?

Millions of new devices such as electric vehicles (EVs), renewables like solar and wind power, batteries and smart devices will challenge the way we think about our energy grid.

We want you to shape the future energy systems of our nations.

Build your team – bringing power, tech and software companies in Canada and the U.K. together to spark some brilliant ideas.

Tell us about your electrifying solution for our energy system.

Source: Government of Canada

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