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Top 4 Reasons to Monitor Your Network

Posted November 12, 2018

Network monitoring is a 24 hr labor intensive aspect of the modern tech world. Once your business starts to grow you rely more and more on the network performance, network reliability, and most importantly the security. Any performance or network outages can significantly impact the bottom line of any company.

Image credit: sumanley via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Image credit: sumanley via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Network Security

Network security will be one of the hottest career options in 2019 which is simply because technology is scaling at a very high pace. With blockchain and other A.I. and cutting edge tech startups bouncing up across the globe, security is at an all time high.

With 1.1 billion stolen in cryptocurrency alone in the first half of 2018, reported by Cybersecurity company Carbon Black; it is not surprising that security should be first on the list with any company that relies on a network.

Document and Monitor Trends, Threats, and Performance 24 hours a Day

24 hour monitoring of your network is not a decision to justify for the budget or management but it is a definitive must to have network monitoring software for a business in 2019. The amount of money it takes to repair or recover a site or the impacts of having to setup a new network without backup information of performance is worth its weight in gold.

The ability to understand your network and have this information stored in a cloud is essential for recovery. Additionally, monitoring trends are essential to establish threats before they happen or impacts to your network.

Not all threats are equal and some are massive while others are minute. The logged data over time will document and present any forensics data that can be used to show any anomalies to establish a threat before it is damaging to the network. As well as to troubleshoot to enable maximum performance which allows for continued growth in your business.

Image credit: geralt via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Image credit: geralt via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Remote 24 hour Monitoring Anywhere in the World

We all love to travel and most jobs are connected to their work wherever they are in the world at any time. With remote monitoring you can gain access and be alerted at any time when there is a problem.

The ability to set limits or alert for certain problems gives you the ability to prioritize labor for threats or performance based on employees available or the scale of the threat.

Additionally, it allows you to be notified of changes in performance or threats before they become a problem. Another important aspect of remote monitoring, is 58 percent of enterprises are outsourcing at least some of their network management to some degree which monitoring allows for easy access and also specialized workers in certain areas of network functions.

Scaling your Business while Evaluating the Network

Everyone’s business is optimally going to grow and while most people do not think about it your network is going to have to evolve to keep up with the challenges that come with a bigger company. With more devices, comes a clogged network and obviously a bottlenecked bandwidth that can significantly impact all aspects of a business.

Continued monitoring can evaluate every aspect of a network and alert the company way ahead of the game to understand budgets for increased software or any other additional support or system that is needed to allow for growth. This also makes it easier for documentation to provide the necessary evidence to justify any additional money spent on the network.

Managing Your Network and Continued Evaluation is Essential

Managing or starting a business has its uphill battles and challenges but network management should not be the hard slog that it can be without monitoring software. In 2019, continue to be in the top of your field by understanding your network and maximizing the performance to best suit your company.

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