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What’s Driving the Use of Batteries for Electricity Storage

Posted October 30, 2018

The entire world is now talking about renewable energy, you know. Even the developing nations have talks on how to minimize carbon footprint and get things going smooth for tomorrow. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of ways renewable energy sources help us. We can count on solar power, wind power and even tide power. Almost all these problems, however, pose one serious challenge they don’t work 24×7. The serious problem with electricity is that it’s meant for instant use. It should be distributed to the right places so that beneficiaries get it to the proper usage scenarios.

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The Current Scenario of Energy Production

If we were talking about the traditional methods of power production, we could have counted on those big power stations. But, with the case of solar and wind, the power stations would have to stay idle for a longer period of time which is an ultimate loss of infrastructure and space. And, power stations are made with a particular capacity, which may not be enough to handle the exceeding production of energy from the sources like solar and wind power. That is where the whole point of energy storage comes in. Instead of letting the energy go waste, it should be kept secure somewhere.

Storing Energy: The Concept and Practice

Theoretically speaking, storing energy somewhere is one of the sufficient methods to meet varying demands of the energy resources. As much power can be created during the possible hours and kept for future use. It does not create a situation where the storage options have to sit idle. The same energy can be kept as a form of reserve as well. That is, you can have some energy reserved for the lower times of production. Even if you don’t have sunlight or wind for a few days, sustainable energy supply would not be a problem.

Batteries have been the best option for energy storage for a long period of time. In the course of time, things have changed for sure. For instance, the battery technology used 20 years back has now become obsolete. At the same time, the efficiency, capacity and sustenance of the batteries available today have increased in an exponential manner. And, today, we have batteries that can suit various purposes from powering your smartphones to providing constant power to your home.

The World of Batteries for Electricity Storage

When people think of batteries, they think of convenience. If it wasn’t for batteries, you would not have any of the popular portable devices today. You would have had to keep a wire connected to your smartphone if you wanted to check out the Internet or anything. And, we should not even get started with the damages to your computers and other equipment because you cannot have an Uninterrupted Power Supply. To cut the story short, the life would have been un-livable if batteries weren’t there. But, in the grand scheme of things, batteries play an even important role.

When we talk about batteries in the world of energy management, we are talking about preventing energy loss. As we said earlier, we cannot expect solar or wind power to provide energy all the time, since the whole tech is dependent on renewable resources like sunlight or wind flow. Due to the high demand for power, it is not possible to cut down the production capacity either. If we don’t store the power in the right manner, it will surely become waste. Both the administrators and private companies have understood these needs, and that is why we’ve been seeing a real growth in the energy storage market.

The Use of Batteries; Various Modes of Energy Storage

We already talked about the smartphone scenario, right? Smartphone market was one of the major reasons why the market of energy storage saw an exponential rise. And, every day, companies are trying to create a newer type of battery that does not compromise power for compactness. Of course, there should be ways to recharge the batteries quickly as well. The point is, the battery industry is now boosted and sustained by the sheer demand of smartphones and other smart devices that need portable power.

At the same time, we have ventures like Solar City. When you equip a home with the Solar City, you also get something called the Powerwall, which will be storing the energy provided by the solar panels. The company had to optimize the technology in a manner that a huge amount of energy can be stored and distributed as per the demands of the household. Currently becoming popular in the US and other regions, Solar City would be one thing that makes the use of batteries even popular.

Whenever we talk about portable electric energy, we cannot forget to include Tesla, a company that has an amazing track-record in keeping and optimizing the battery technologies. All the Tesla electric cars are being powered by highly-optimized and high-capacity battery cells. Because we’re talking about a vehicle that will be used for years, it is necessary that the battery should fulfil the need of staying for years. It’s one of those main reasons why Tesla has been hell-bent on designing unique battery tech.

Last but not least, we need battery technologies for our own convenience. Transporting energy has become so easy due to these techs, you know. Even when wires cannot reach distant spaces, you can simply take up a battery pack and go ahead. We now even have battery packs that can power refrigerators and laptops for several days. When it comes to camping and long trips, battery packs offer the most convenient form to stay with the flow.

As we said earlier, all the sectors are working their best to enhance the battery tech. And, the energy storage market is expected to bloom in the upcoming years for sure.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the points you should know when it comes to electricity power storage and the role that batteries play in the sector. While the market has been growing like never before, the innovations are going to help the normal users for sure.

Written by Sonal Patil

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