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New Era of Hybrid Additive Manufacturing & Multi-Tasking -Tasking Machining Revolution is Here

Posted October 30, 2018

Hybrid additive manufacturing machines consolidate some level of layer-by-layer building utilizing an added substance process with traditional subtractive machining. Numerous 3D printers in the metal AM space are relocating to a hybrid manufacturing way to deal with fulfill stringent industry prerequisites. While not formally characterized with ASTM phrasing, hybrid additive manufacturing is for the most part viewed as a blend of additive manufacturing (3D printing) and subtractive manufacturing (CNC processing) innovations in a solitary machine. Hybrid arrangements are frequently manufactured utilizing a base CNC factory to which additive manufacturing technology is included.

Image credit: Transparency Market Research

A key part of the conspicuous trend that the hybrid additive manufacturing market is witnessing includes advantages such as laser cladding and CNC processing for the manufacturing of utilitarian items, 3D printers in the field of printing machines, level of layer-by-layer building utilizing an additive process with ordinary subtractive machining and development openings/venture openings.

According to TMR analysts, these are the 3 top factors fuelling the global hybrid manufacturing machines market:

  • Adoption across Multiple Industries

The emergence of the global hybrid additive manufacturing machines market is anticipated to pick up momentum with rising awareness around a few points of interest of the machines in various industry verticals. In the production of utilitarian items, focal points of both computerized numerical control (CNC) processing and laser cladding are conveyed to the table by hybrid additive manufacturing machines. Utilization of hybrid additive manufacturing machines additionally encourages with lessened time to market (TTM), limited lead time, and material investment funds.

  • Reduced Production Time of Complex Parts

Rather than conveying a large number of discrete part numbers, hybrid additive manufacturing configuration is utilized to create complex units into one single part. Envision a solitary form that decreases time, work and cost to one section. A structure design just begins with a base shape and afterward utilizes a hybrid framework to include tricky structures. This is one of the key factors propelling the global hybrid additive manufacturing machines market.

  • High Accuracy and Precision

The technology of hybrid additive manufacturing enables each different surface to be printed and milled in the same reference plane, which corresponds to a more robust tolerance.  It is an important factor for production of components such as radio frequency wave guides; which depends positioning of parts at exact locations.

The steep cost of hybrid additive manufacturing machines is expected to curtail some demand in the overall market. However, the high use of hybrid additive manufacturing machines in the production of various types of components is envisaged to lower their prices in the near future.

Leading vendors operating in the global hybrid additive manufacturing machines market are Mazak Corporation, Matsuura Machinery Corporation, SLM SOLUTIONS GROUP AG, Stratasys Ltd, and Optomec.

The insights presented here are from a research study on hybrid additive manufacturing machines market by TMR.

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