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Phone Based Low Cost Sensor Challenge

Posted October 21, 2018
Mobile device sensors. Image credit: Intel Free Press via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Mobile device sensors. Image credit: Intel Free Press via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

The aim of this challenge is to develop low-cost unattended, ground sensor utilizing a smart phone as the solution.

Conceptual use case is an Android based capability that allows any Android based phone to be used to collect the data of interest and report the activity back utilizing either WiFi or cellular network. The capability will allow for passive infrared, seismic, magnetic, photo, video, audio, with GPS tracking of the device, communications both within a cellular network and WIFI for data exfiltration.

Lastly, the ability to display data in a common open geospatial display interface with alerts (ESRI is an option). The capability must work in conjunction with up to five smart phones and will be required to incorporate all of the above, allowing for tip and que to activate sensors and report the data.

The priority for phase one is that all sensors work in conjunction with each other and are not stand alone. For example a seismic sensor would trip a video and or a photo to take place from another phone/sensor or any combination of the sensors based upon mission set.  So tip and que is very important between sensors and the ability to than report the information back through the dashboard.

Phase 2: – In addition the most promising submission(s) may be provided with additional funding to develop their concepts into working prototypes for testing.


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