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Hostinger VPS Hosting: Root Access, Advanced Hardware, No-Downtime Policy & Much More

Posted October 18, 2018

Finding a web host that offers complete root access in its VPS plans can be a difficult task. Most claim uninterrupted root access, but never actually provide it. Hostinger is an exception in this regard. Its VPS plans allow you to install new operating system and/or software. You can power on/off or reboot your private server. You can keep track of server statistics and even make real-time changes to your resources. The web host also allows you to backup the VPS container and restore it as and when required.

What is Root Access?

When you sign-up for a VPS plan with Hostinger, you will get root user access to your virtual server. This is the highest level of access to the settings, files, and logs on your server. In other terms, you will be the administrator of you server. You can install server wide applications, edit any file, and configure all applications on the server. Root permissions allow you to manage your virtual server in any way you want.

It allows you to install one of dozens of Linux-based OS based on your needs and preferences. Another advantage is that you can scale your server vertically or horizontally by making the changes to your resource limits.

Additional Benefits

Complete root access offered by Hostinger is not the only reason why this web host is so special. There are many more reasons.

State-of-the-art Hardware

Hostinger uses state-of-the-art hardware that includes:

– SSD storage

– Xeon CPUs

– 128GB RAM per server

Server room. Image credit: bsdrouin via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

All this means that not only is the claim of root access genuine, their claim of dedicated virtual private server resources is also true. In fact, the web host goes on to offer guaranteed private server resources. This means that your websites and applications will never be robbed of the resources dedicated to them. The result is that you will never have to complain about your websites’ performance.

1-Click Auto Installer

VPS plans are meant for advanced users. However, Hostinger has made an exception by allowing even non-tech savvy users to benefit from its VPS hosting. It has done so by providing single-click auto installer that allows you to install operating system and web scripts with just one click.

The developer-friendly auto installer can be used to install all the popular Linux-based OS templates and applications. It also features VPS installation containers that handle all the underlying complex processes. This means installing most Linux OSs without concern whether they have add-ons or not, creating powerful WordPress VPS cloud server, and much more.

Advanced Backups

Hostinger has also taken major strides in the area of data backup and restore. It offers Cloud-based VPS that ensures that your backed-up data is always safe. Besides, the web host provides instant restore feature. All its VPS users have advanced access to their backups from the Control Panel. As an additional layer of data protection, it uses double RAID. Overall, the process of backup and restore are simple for anyone to use.

Dedicated IP

Hostinger provides all the premium features in its VPS hosting plans while keeping the costs low. It is this philosophy of providing high quality resources within competitive pricing that has helped it earn over 29 million clients. All of its VPS plans come with dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

You can initiate IPv4 mapping features using the virtual servers for custom port connections. Besides, all your add-ons and scripts will also work flawlessly with a dedicated IP.

Linux Based OS

Hostinger offers Linux-based OS templates for their VPS plans. It takes just a few clicks to install the desired OS. The different options include CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Open Suse, and Scientific. There are many advantages of choosing Linux VPS hosting.

a) Highly Level of Security

Linux is a stable platform with the highest-possible security among operating systems. It is almost impenetrable for malware to break its defenses. So when you choose Hostinger’s VPS plans, you are taking a big step towards protecting your websites and applications against online threats.

b) Cost Effective

One of the reasons Hostinger is able to keep the costs low while offering premium features and hardware is that Linux is a cost-effective platform to use. Linux VPS doesn’t involve any monthly licensing fees.

c) Scalable

Linux makes it easier to scale up your resources as your traffic and needs grow. Whether it is growing traffic or increased demand for new projects, the platform makes it easy for you to upgrade. And Hostinger makes it even simpler with its easy-to-use Control Panel and a host of VPS plans.

Linux is also capable of optimizing applications so that lesser resources are used. This reduces the load on the allocated VPS resources, thus boosting speed and performance.

Zero Downtime Policy

Hostinger offers 100% cloud-based VPS hosting with a zero-downtime policy. Any level of outage is going to be costly for your business. With this web host, you can have access to no-downtime policy for plans starting from just $4.99/mo. No-downtime means improved productivity and higher revenues. Your websites and applications remain up and running at all times, thus driving your business without any hindrances.

Hostinger has built a powerful and reliable cloud environment for its VPS plans. It is based on multiple power/energy feeds and state-of-the-art cloud data centers. The result is a cloud solution without any point of failure. All maintenance, upgrades, and scheduled testing takes place during off-peak hours. This helps prevent any disruption to accessibility.


Hostinger, founded in 2004, hosts websites for more than 29 million clients in 178 countries. 20,000 new websites are added on the platform everyday day. It has set the benchmark in the industry for VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, and Shared hosting.

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