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Technology and our well-being: The Myths and Facts

Posted October 11, 2018

For years, since the beginning of the digital age, people have been concerned. A lot of whom have explicitly claimed that technology is more harmful than it is beneficial. We have a heard a lot about screen time being harmful to not just our eyes but our brains as well.

Let’s differentiate between all that has been rumored around social media and what’s actually been found. Digital detox has been the word of the year on the minds of all those who share the paranoia. And it has its justifications. It is undeniable how much we are addicted to and dependent on our gadgets and devices for our very survival. The modern age leaves nothing for one who isn’t staying updated.

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The Effects on Mental Health:

There are a lot of posts going around about scientists discovering this and that. But what is true enough to believe has yet to be seen. The trend of digitalization has been noted to have increased significantly, enough to the point that almost 80% of the world, if not all, has come online. Not just businesses, but even people have to now have an online presence to exist socially. This has been a very effective technique to have the world stay connected, but the current social standards and behaviors have resulted differently. Research conducted by doctors at LSE have concluded that technology use is directly related with the depression in the society.

It was noted that users have shown increased stress levels when in contact with social media platforms. Being a part of a society that technically doesn’t exist and the need to be something acceptable and admired on it, has its effects on the minds of youngsters as well as adults. The research had many non-users noted to have a better time socializing and having a good perspective and a more realistic approach towards the real world. As examples, we can note the positive and negative side effects that the current VR technology has on the people.

The Effects on Material Conditions:

Sure, the technology we have now like our smartphones have enabled us to be connected to everyone and the medical uses are great too. But how often are you ever satisfied after scrolling through your newsfeed? Researches conducted at various institutes throughout the US and the UK have concluded the same findings. Social media has had a huge impact on the way people are reacting. From adults to teenagers and even infants are being affected because of technology. If not on them, the way they behave around each other is drastically different than they normally are. It is not a myth that 5 people in a room won’t talk to each other if provided an internet connection and smartphones to use.

It can be seen even in our daily lives that smartphones are now the perfect tool to avoid confrontations with random people. It may have helped introverts stay undetected but have severe effects on the way people can connect with each other. Even Google has released a Digital Wellbeing (beta) app to their Android 9.0 OS devices to help people quit the addiction to smartphones.

It can be observed that technology not only affects our health but is also ravaging our budget. We pay a handsome amount for the devices and their services. Not only that, but we spend extra on add-on services like cell phone tracker etc.


It is indeed true that there is no myth about us reaching an age of digitalized, mechanical slavery. One can start arguing about how it affects an individual’s health and that wouldn’t be deniable either. But more is at stake.

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