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Two things you must do before flushing – don’t let the mist out!

Posted October 3, 2018

You know how to use a bathroom – everyone does. Our parents teach us, we learn by exploring this wonderful room by ourselves, we learn from our mistakes and public bathroom experiences. But eventually we know how to use it very well. However, there is one thing a lot of people forget to do right before flushing and we are not talking about wiping.

Don’t leave the lid up when flushing – that’s gross! Image credit: dirtyboxface via Wikimedia (CC BY 2.0)

It is quite interesting that different people use bathroom differently. It is a very simple facility in our homes and yet our behaviour in it is not identical. Do you look at your faeces before you flush? You should. Doctors advice taking a look into your waste before flushing, because you may notice some telling things about your health. For example, you may notice blood, in which case you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. Therefore, before flushing definitely look at your faeces.

But there is another thing you should do. Do you close the lid before flushing? No? Then your waste like a cool mist spreads across the room, settling down on everything – your clothes, toilet paper, your toothbrush and your towels. Yes, if your toilet is in the same room where you brush your teeth, there is poop on your toothbrush. However, it is not just gross – it is dangerous.

There are various different harmful microorganisms in this mist of faeces.  For example, Escherichia coli, better known as E.coli, likes living in human faeces and spreading from there. And it is not even the most dangerous thing that could be spreading around from this open toilet – situation is even worse if someone seriously sick flushes without closing the lid. And don’t think that faeces have nowhere to spread.

Studies have shown that tiny particles of faeces are propelled 4.5 meters up in the air by a single flush. That is quite a radius for spreading, but it is not limited to it. After flushing you are moving away from the toilet, essentially mixing the air in the room.  These particles cling on to your clothes and hair – it is just a huge mess – just close the lid even if you are using a public bathroom.

Scientists have estimated that around half of the people are not complying with this simple rule of hygiene. You are using the same bathrooms with them. In fact, some of them come to your house. But can we change it somehow?

Well, it is always good to start the change from yourself – always put the lid down before flushing. Then educate others, especially children. It is a good habit to have and it doesn’t cost you any additional time. Also, always remember to wash your hands.

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