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Why Photogrammetry Surveyors Should Offer Data Management Services

Posted September 17, 2018

Data continues to have a center stage role when determining the success of most businesses, including land and site surveys. As data produced through photogrammetry surveys becomes more accurate, it is inevitable to have a high influx of data to handle as a business. In case the surveying company you work with also offers data management services, then you can exploit such data easily while turning it into useful insights.

Quadcopter. Image credit: alles via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Quadcopter. Image credit: alles via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

On the flip side, in case the company offers little to no help when it comes to data management, the collected data will almost be useless to your business, especially if you do not have the infrastructure in place for handling this data deluge. Furthermore, data can change swiftly in an evolving environmental setting which requires you to keep up.

Here are some more details as to why your survey company needs to provide data management services:

Transfer and Process Data Swiftly

Given that some business owners are still trying to grasp what is photogrammetry, handling data by themselves can be a struggle. The first part of drone surveying is collecting data from the field. Next, speed becomes a priority as the faster you can deal with processing the information, the more useful it will be.

If the survey company you are working with can manage your data well, you can get it transferred to you as soon as possible as they automate the initial stages of processing the data. This mitigates the chances of completing your project late or even proceeding with it while under-budgeted.

Make the Accessibility and Storage of Data Easy

Even after data has already gone through the initial processing stage, it might still be of value to the client in the later stages of the project. Having strong and secure storage solutions is essential. However, it can at times be tough for you as a client to build this infrastructure as you might only need to use it once if you only have a one-time project.

Drone survey companies that offer cloud storage services can improve the value that you as the client can reap from their services. The storage can cater to both your present and future needs. Using cloud storage to house the data can help you offer other stakeholders in your business access to project data in real time regardless of their location.

Get Better Insights From the Data

Not all surveyed data will be essential for the project that you will be dealing with. In fact, you might need to dig deep into the collected data to find insights that will help you proceed with ease. Without the right software, this task can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Image credit: Deedster via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Image credit: Deedster via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

A survey company that doubles as a data management firm can offer algorithms that will simplify the identification of critical insights. While you might have to pay extra for such services, the reward is quality data and more time spent exploiting insights than looking for them.

Provide Other Infrastructure for Data Management

Aside from storage, you will also need to access other infrastructure for data management such as the different photogrammetry software. However, building this infrastructure from scratch might be time-consuming and costly. You might even struggle to keep up with the increasing need for relevant infrastructure as your business is faced with a deluge of surveyed data.

In case the survey company you work with provides the necessary infrastructure for data management, it eliminates the need for your business to spend more on this infrastructure while achieving less. Furthermore, you can get to enjoy the latest trends in the land survey industry as such a company will aim to be at par with changes in the industry to have a competitive edge.


It is never enough if the surveyors you work with only capture your data and leave you to deal with it on your own. A company that takes you through every step can be a valuable partner in achieving your survey goals. Aim to work with such a company to enjoy the above benefits.

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