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Adjustable Standing Desks – their benefits and how to build one

Posted September 7, 2018

Upon numerous studies, results have been obtained that link sitting down for long periods to various health problems. Due to the nature of office jobs, spending quite a lot of time sitting has become a daily habit of the average office employee. If you find yourself in this situation as well, you might have already started to experience regular back pain, stiffness and other similar issues, even if you might be working out when you are outside of work.

Image credit: Kennyrhoads via Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-4.0

Making a positive change before your health concerns aggravate is recommended, and one easy solution that is at close reach is replacing your regular desk with an adjustable, standing alternative. More companies seem to have started focusing on implementing active workstations and thus facilitate their staff with a healthier work environment. However, before actually pursuing a change of this sort, learning a few things on the subject is necessary. The following info will tell you why this office addition is something you need and how to build this type of desk yourself:

Is a standing desk something you really need?

Because a standing desk will demand a financial investment form your part, although not a major one, you need to first be certain that it’s worth it.

Adjustable stand desk. Image credit: Adam Ross via Pexels, CC0 Public Domain

There are various factors that have given these elements such popularity among office workers, and  these are the things that may determine you to give this option more of your thought as well:

– Staying in shape – lowering obesity risks

With so many people having a sedentary lifestyle, obesity has also become a frequent problem in today’s society. Sitting is a major factor that triggers fat accumulation. Long periods of sitting will actually slow down you metabolism and prevent you from keeping yourself in shape, even if you might manage exercising out in your free time. Working at an adjustable standing desk and thus reducing the time you spend sitting down even by half will lower your risks of dealing with obesity in the future.

– Decrease risks of cardiovascular diseases

Getting up and starting to move can be essential when it comes to cardiovascular disease prevention. After a certain age, your sedentary lifestyle could cause more than a simple overweight problem, leading to health issues that revolve around your cardiovascular health. Just by standing, you will lower the odds of being confronted with various types of diseases, such as arrhythmia or vascular problems.

– Increasing focus and motivation

Sitting isn’t just bad for your body but for your mind as well. Office jobs that prevent individual from accessing an active lifestyle are linked to fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, depression and an overall improper state of mind. An active workstation will facilitate a boost in your wellness, allowing you to feel more energized and to keep yourself focused and motivated. And because this item is an adjustable one, you can always transform it back into a regular desk, and won’t have to work standing up for eight hours straight.

Standing desk. Image credit: Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain

Standing desk. Image credit: Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain

Do it yourself! – Building an adjustable desk

Having someone install an adjustable desk you have ordered online might seem like the most convenient option available, but why pay extra, when you can tackle this project on your own. As long as you have all the parts you need and some necessary tools, you will manage putting together this element without much hard work. However, there are a few steps you will need to follow in order for the project to be a success:

1. Buy the required parts

Because you probably don’t want to start cutting wood and building desk frames from scratch, get the parts already designed, and simplify your job. There are stores on the web that put at your disposal each item you need for the completion of the project. Think about the dimensions you want, and order your supplies online. Go for the right type of wooden material for the desktop part, just so you can benefit from the sturdiness and durability you desire. Once you have all parts at your disposal, you are ready to start.

2. Assemble the frame

With all the desk parts and necessary tools nearby, you can start with the first step of the process, and that is assembling the frame. Because this is an adjustable frame, it will take the most time of the entire project.  The frame should be U-shaped, and make sure you use T-braces for extra strength and support.

3. Attach the slider legs and the desktop

Once the frame is assembled you will need to attach the slider legs, which will allow the adjustment of the desk to your preferred height, followed by the installation of the actual desktop, where you will be placing your computer and other office supplies. This part is easy, you just need to make sure everything is secured and there are no loose screws to worry about.

4. Handle finishing touches

Adding holes for power cords, creating some storage space, smoothing out any harsh wood edges – these are the finishing touches you should handle once everything is in place. You can find step by step tutorials available on the internet, which can guide you from A to Z as well as show you the end results you need to obtain.

Sedentariness is an increasing problem in today’s society. More individuals are facing health problems such as chronic back pain, or excess weight, just because they are spending most of their day sitting, and that is triggered mainly by the nature of their office job. It’s up to you to make a positive change in your lifestyle and turn things around in your favor.

As you can clearly see from the info above mentioned, a simple change, such as replacing your traditional desk with a standing one can have some amazing effects on your well-being. And with how easy and easy to access these elements actually are, you won’t have troubles installing one yourself. Even after only a few days of using it, you will certainly start noticing the improvement. Active workstations are now more promoted than ever, so this is something that deserves your full attention.

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