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Singapore Airlines AppChallenge 2018

Posted August 17, 2018

The Singapore Airline AppChallenge is back for its 4th edition with attractive prizes seeking the most innovative business solutions to tackle the company’s pain points. Those are:

– improving mobile app engagement;
– offloaded passenger compensation process;
– enabling the KrisShop experience;
– tracking inventory usages; and
– tracking F&B consumption

Eligibility for the challenge: ANYONE (from early-stage startup founder, a developer, to a person interested in travel-tech) from ANYWHERE.

Perks: the qualified participants will be flown to Singapore for free for a final pitching on 27 Oct 2018 and gain:

– mentorship by SIA industry veterans
– access to SIA and partners’ APIs
– potential Proof of Concept collaboration with SIA to develop commercial solutions
– networking opportunities
– exposure and insights into the exciting global aviation industry
…and of course, attractive prizes (cash, miles, and more)!

Application phase: 15 August – 30 September.


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