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Monitoring Apps Help Parents Protect their kids from Online Dangers

Posted August 17, 2018

Following the recent advancements in the era of technology, it is really hard to keep the focus on the important things. It is understandable that you can’t always be there for those who need you and sometimes they don’t have to know that you’re watching over. For moms and dads who wish to watch over their kids’ activity in order to know when to intervene. For suspected doubtful behavior that needs to be monitored and for a lot more people who need it, a helpful monitoring app on their device might be the way to go.

How it works:

What you need is a surveillance app that monitors, records and shares the data it gathers from the target device to the recipient’s account. The app is installed on the target device and obviously, it becomes invisible to the user of the device, running in the background.

From there, it starts to monitor not just the activities being done like the apps that are being opened, but the activities done in the apps. Such as recording keystrokes. This app can tell you what the user on the target device is typing and share screenshots of web pages, also available with the web history option if you go ahead and buy the subscriptions. But it doesn’t just stop there. Text messages, voice notes of calls, notifications of any and all kinds are shared over the network and transported to the account of the parent. The parent can choose to view the online account on whichever device they prefer.

These apps can share screenshots of app activity as well as share the whole gallery with the parent’s account. This allows complete access to all the data that is being sent or received through the target phone. May it be Whatsapp messages or Snapchat photos that are known for disappearing after being received.


The few factors that tend to make up the opinions both for and against monitoring apps tend to be controversial. Most people are complaining that the subscriptions are a lot for various important services that are required. For example, monitoring the text messages and phone calls are given through one subscription, but monitoring social media activities takes another subscription. Some apps do provide free phone tracker but only for a limited trial period. This leads people to talk about monitoring apps as an expensive service that may not be worth it.


There is a whole different set of problems for today’s parents as their kids grow up into the virtual world. With almost all aspects of our lives now connected to the internet, the world has become even scarier. Parents now have to take into account risks such as sexting, cyberbullying, identity theft, cyber predators and sensitive content that can lead to trauma. Trusting your kids is one thing but knowing what happened exactly to diagnose all the problems that you know how to solve is parenting. Every leader or parent needs to keep watch over the things they want to protect and grow.

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